Monday, January 26, 2015

Featured Indie Book: Biker's Librarian (Shyla Colt)

Biker's Librarian (Shyla Colt)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Contemporary Romance Novel Biker's Librarian by Shyla Colt.

Biker's Librarian delves under the skin and shows that despite the exterior, not everything is what it seems. It’s the story of two completely opposite people, a Biker and ex sniper, and a Librarian, coming together to heal the wounds of their past, and find not only love, but themselves.

The Book has been published via Ellora’s Cave Publishing and is available as eBook - 177 pages - released in January 2015.

About the Book

Good girl. Bookworm. Wallflower.

Juliette’s been called all of them, and never protested. But every now and then she wants to be daring and adventurous and sexy. A night out with the girls presents just the opportunity Juliette’s been looking for.

Undeniably sexy, Shooter hits all of Juliette’s hot buttons—and as a member of a local biker gang, rings more than a few of her warning bells.

One scorching-hot night of sex has Juliette coming back for more. Shooter is everything she’s ever daydreamed about. Before she realizes it, Juliette’s in deep. Having hot, exciting sex is one thing, but falling in love is something else entirely and an experience Juliette isn’t sure she wants. But Shooter isn’t the only dangerous man in Juliette’s life. As the past comes rushing back to haunt her and the future starts to turn dark, Juliette has to choose—fall back into old habits or trust her heart and the man who holds it

Biker's Librarian (Shyla Colt)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Shooter and Juliette are not your normal couple. Shooter is in a Motorcycle Club and Juliette is a librarian. Usually, their paths may not cross, but in their case it did. They are both flawed and have a great amount of baggage. This is a great journey of growth, strength, and redemption. " - Candace Hendrickson

- "I loved the chemistry between Juliette and Shooter. They are not your average couple. They are both dealing with the ghosts from their past. Shooter is in a motor cycle club and Juliette is the town's librarian. Normally their paths would not have crossed but I am glad theirs did. [...]" - Zina Barnum

Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Indie Book Release: Untamed (Ciana Stone)

New Indie Book Release:
Untamed - Ciana Stone
Romance (western/paranormal) - 326 pages - January 2015

Untamed is a Three Book Collection full of passion and love and some not-so-ordinary obstacles to be overcome.
On sale for a limited time: only 99 Cents!

About the Book

Untamed (Ciana Stone)
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The men of the Marsh family have spent their lives riding hard, in and out of the saddle.
None of them have any plans on settling down. Falling in love just isn’t for them. Or so they thought.

Book One: Feels Like the First Time

When Clint Marsh pulls a woman from an overturned semi on a county road in Florida, he expects only to do a good deed then get back on his motorcycle and head home.
It doesn’t quite work out that way. The woman turns out to be Lily Ridenger, his first love, and the one woman who has the ability to turn his thoughts to sin with a single look. She’s in need of a place to stay and he has room to spare. So what if they have unfinished business between them? So what if there are still unresolved feelings? Chances are they’ll hook up, have sex hot enough to start a fire and go their separate ways. At least that’s what Clint thought…
He thought wrong.

Book Two: When You Least Expect It

Cam Marsh figured he was following in his older brother, Colton’s footsteps. A confirmed bachelor. Not that he had anything against settling down. He’d just never met a woman he wanted to settle down with.
Then out of the blue the first girl he ever loved shows up next door. Ellie Whitehorse has inherited her father’s ranch, such as it is, and seeing her brings back feelings he’d all but forgotten, along with inspiring some new ones. Maybe he and Ellie will hook up again, relive old times and have some good times together. Nothing serious.
Or so he thought.

Book Three: Colton’s Memory

When Colton Marsh gets a call about a classic car that’s broken down near the belly dancing school run by his best friend’s mother, he figures he’ll get the car up and running, collect his pay and then head on back to his ranch to start mowing the southern pasture.
Wrong. Memory Wells lights a fire of lust inside him stronger than anything he’s ever experienced, and she makes it quite clear that she’s as hot for him as he is for her. So when her car has to be towed to his shop for repairs and she accepts his offer for a ride back to the bed and breakfast, Colton figures he just might get lucky.
Lucky doesn’t even touch what’s in store for Colton.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Indie Book Release: Curse of the Dark Wind (Charles E Yallowitz)

New Indie Book Release:
Curse of the Dark Wind (Legends of Windemere) - Charles E Yallowitz
Fantasy (284 pages - December 2014)

Legends of Windemere: Curse of the Dark Wind is the sixth installment of this exciting fantasy series. This continues the adventures of Luke Callindor and his friends as one of their own is laid low by a powerful curse. All of the heroes are forced to face the possibilities that any one of them can die before their journey is over.

About the Book

Curse of the Dark Wind (Charles E Yallowitz)
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After their battles in Gaia and surviving the Island of Pallice, the champions of Windemere are off on their next adventure.

In his quest to be a hero and help others, Luke Callindor has jumped into danger countless times and would do so again without hesitation. So when he is infected by the toxic Dark Wind, it is up to his friends to find a cure and keep his courage alive. With time running out and their enemies in the shadows, one ally will make the decision to share in Luke’s suffering and forge a bond that runs thicker than blood. Such a sacrifice might not be enough when the truth behind this living curse comes to light.

Will Luke find the strength to defeat the Dark Wind?

What ghosts from his past will appear during his weakest hour?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Indie Book Release: A Million Tiny Pieces (Nicole Edwards)

New Indie Book Release:
A Million Tiny Pieces - Nicole Edwards
Adult Romance (440 pages - January 2015)

A Million Tiny Pieces will bring the reader (and die-hard Nicole Edwards Fans) back to the core of why Naughty can be oh so Nice ™ and let them fall in love with another ménage that rivals the fan favorite- Travis. This is Nicole’s first ever standalone! An opportunity to experience Nicole Edwards books and style or writing without having to start or jump in the middle of a series.

About the Book

A Million Tiny Pieces (Nicole Edwards)
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Mia Cantrell is happy to be rid of her lying, cheating, ex-husband. With her divorce final, Mia is moving on, grasping the reins of life once more. She’s learning to deal with the shattered remains while putting one foot in front of the other, taking control of her own decisions, and ultimately living one day at a time. Too bad the universe has put a hiccup (or two) in her well thought out plan.

Phoenix Pierce is putting the pieces back together after the death of his father. Between his multi-million dollar company, the NHL team he now owns, and the endless supply of women willing to share a bed for one night of uninhibited sex, he finds himself going through the motions. Until he meets Mia. Although he’s on a mission to win her, that doesn’t solve his problem of the other person he wants… the man he has denied himself for years.

Tarik Marx doesn’t think anyone could ever fill the void in his life the way Phoenix unknowingly has. That is until he meets Mia. Thanks to a fractured childhood, Tarik has to face a bigger problem: he doesn’t know how it feels to be loved. His past adds additional complexity when Tarik finds himself trying to figure out how he can have them both.

Is it possible for a million tiny pieces to come together again? And if they do, will that make the bond even stronger than before?

This is a standalone novel!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Featured Indie Book: The One, Who Reads In Heads (Marian Turza)

The One, Who Reads In Heads (Marian Turza)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Literary Fiction Novel The One, Who Reads In Heads by Marian Turza.

The One, Who Reads In Heads is a story about the main hero who has an unique gift – he can read in people’s minds. He does not know how, but he could see right into people's heads. A Combination of a thrilling story and surprising plot based on real and historical events, possible mental capabilities of human brain...

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook - 150 pages - released in December 2014.

About the Book

Something in me was not right.

I knew it, I felt it. I just did not know what.

In any job, I did not stay long. I hated pervasive hypocrisy and pretense. I do not know how, but I could see right into people - in their heads. I knew I could read their thoughts. But I could not deal with this gift and I was very nervous. Now I know that it is a gift and I'm glad I have it, but once it was not so when I lived poor and alone, without friends, so lonely and desperate on the verge of society.

Until the day, when my life has completely changed...

The One, Who Reads In Heads (Marian Turza)
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What are the basic human needs?
What do we dream about every day?
What are our real desires?
Why do we want to be powerful?
What if YOU could read in heads?
Test it!

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Indie Book Release: Devil's Gambit (Steve Abbott)

New Indie Book Release:
Devil's Gambit - Steve Abbott
Military Fiction - Present Day (332 pages - December 2014)

- "Geopolitical Techno-Thriller - how's that for a mouthful? But Abbott's book is certainly that. He knows his political games and he knows the machinery of war. Takes you on a ride-along with all the good guys, bad guys, and mere functional players that would be involved in a North Korean nuclear nightmare. Fascinating." - Reader Review

About the Book

Devil's Gambit (Steve Abbott)
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Three nuclear warheads complete with their guidance systems have been stolen from a Russian missile base.

Captain Gayle Ecevit USAF and her joint Russian Nuclear Emergency Search Team to find and secure the missing devices, with the help of two members of the SAS. All the signs point towards North Korea but to what end? Were they taken to be reverse engineered to bolster the North’s struggling nuclear weapons program or are they to be used for a darker purpose, and start the Korean War all over again.

The answers might lie with a recent North Korean Defector sitting in a CIA safe house in the US but maybe he's a plant, put forward by North Korean Intelligence to muddy the waters. MI6 has it's eyes on a shadowy South African arms dealer who specializes in smuggling nuclear materials.

Gayle and her team must sift through all the possibilities and cover the globe to find the answer. A second Korean War hangs in the balance.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Featured Indie Book: Seven Beyond (Stella Atrium)

Seven Beyond (Stella Atrium)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Fantasy Novel Seven Beyond by Stella Atrium.

Seven Beyond is a fantasy novel similar to Cloud Atlas or The Time Traveler’s Wife. The reader follows traveling companions as Dr. Meenins searches to uncover his past while haunted by wispy memories of faraway places and alien races.

The Book has been self-published via Book-Baby and is available as eBook & Paperback - 173 pages - released in November 2014 (Paperback).

About the Book

Dr. David Christopher Meenins is a man in search of his past. Accompanying him on his journey of discovery are the powerful Lady Drasher Elizabeth Tasgneganz, the pedantic Dr. Virgil Augustus Grammario, the mysterious—and possibly alien—Linda Deemer. Dr. Meenins is haunted by memories of alien places and of a race called the Longists, who inhabit faraway planets. Together, the group travels to the one place in the world the Longists might reappear: a remote abbey inhabited by an order of nuns known for their wisdom, mystical insight and quality brandy.

Throughout the journey, the specter of David Shanklen—once Meenins’ patient and perhaps also his mentor—looms. Shanklen claimed that he was kept prisoner in an alien zoo on the distant planet maintained by the Longists.

Seven Beyond (Stella Atrium)
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Through Shanklen, Dr. Meenins must confront the secrets of his past to find the New Restingplace of the Dead. Meenins’ journey is more like a pilgrimage than a quest. The travelers exchange stories along the way à la The Canterbury Tales, and the discovery of the restingplace grows out of their long friendships.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Seven Beyond will tolerate any degree of scrutiny, giving back just as much as the reader wishes to put in. Here you will find ample fodder for linguistics study, model building, costume play, gaming (Tsing Tse, the glass bead game) or an annual convention - this work reveals itself in layers and will continue to reveal itself as long as one keeps reading and re-reading." - Rich Follett for Readers' Favorite

- "As a huge fan of sci fi, I settled in to read this book. I was immersed almost instantly. The story is told by several characters and the attention to detail is spot on. We join the journey of the traveling companions and the author keeps all the stories straight for us as there is a lot going on in this story. [...]" - Diana L. (Amazon)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Featured Indie Book: Staking a Claim (Ciana Stone)

Staking a Claim (Ciana Stone)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Romance (Western and Paranormal) Staking a Claim by Ciana Stone.

Staking a Claim (The Whisperers) features love and passion with a dash of the paranormal and is the first book in a series about three brothers who don't think falling in love is in the cards for them, but who could be very wrong.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook - 173 pages - released in January 2014.

About the Book

Lust was a horse he could ride. Love? He didn't believe in love. Until she walked into his life and changed everything.

Come take a ride with Jed Nash in Book One of The Whisperer Series .. Staking a Claim

Jed Nash had a few simple rules in life. (1.) Family always comes first, (2.) Know when to keep it in your pants, (3.) Don’t mix business and pleasure, and (4.) Don’t believe in love. All it brings is misery and heartache.

He had no trouble following his own rules. At least not until the new trainer on his ranch shows up. He was expecting a man. What he got was a woman who had him battling attraction that was hot and wild. Sure as sunshine, if she stayed he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off her.

Mik isn’t looking for anything but a place to stay and a paycheck. She sure isn’t expecting to wind up on a ranch run by true Whisperers. Or a man who God had to have created solely as temptation.

Staking a Claim (Ciana Stone)
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They’re both set on ignoring the attraction. It can only lead to trouble.
If only that were the only trouble they had to face. Evil is gathering around them, evil that cursed the Nash family two hundred years ago and fully intends to see every Nash man wiped from the face of the earth. And heaven help anyone who tries to stand in its way.
Some say love conquers all.

Does that hold true for Whisperers who have been cursed to fail at love? They’re about to find out.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Who doesn't love a cowboy? When Mik Morgan took a training job at the horse ranch, she wasn't looking for love. But one look at sexy cowboy Jed Nash and she's in instant lust. How wonderful that he feels the same way! A decades-old mystery and a touch of the paranormal make this book not only a Western, but an adventure [...]" - B. L. Woodward

- "[...] The rollor coster romance that these to unquie people have is well worth the read. I loved this book and can not wait for the next one." - Cassie Wiley

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Featured Indie Book: At His Command (Ruth Kaufman)

At His Command (Ruth Kaufman)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Historical Romance At His Command by Ruth Kaufman.

Award-winning author Ruth Kaufman deftly weaves historical events surrounding England’s impending civil war (which we now call the Wars of the Roses) into At His Command-Historical Romance Version.

The Book has been self-published and is available as eBook & Paperback - 226 pages - released in January 2015.

About the Book

Could she defy her king for love?

England 1453: King Henry VI sends Sir Nicholas Gray to protect the recently widowed Lady Amice Winfield from undesirable suitors. Though Nicholas intrigues her, she yearns to run Castle Rising without a man’s control.

Nicholas has no interest in marriage, but can’t deny he’s attracted to Amice. He’s surprised to finally find in Castle Rising a place he feels at home. A kiss sparks desire neither can ignore, yet serving opposing factions seeking to govern England threatens to pull them apart.

At court, the king and queen reject Amice’s pleas and choose a new husband for her, a highly-ranked lord who’ll provide connections and coin for the king’s depleted coffers that Nicholas cannot. How can she follow the king’s command when she’s a scribe for his rival? How can she marry another man when she’s falling in love with Nicholas?

At His Command (Ruth Kaufman)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Praise for AT HIS COMMAND-Historical Romance Version: A wonderful debut sure to please lovers of romance!" - NYT & USA Today bestselling author Madeline Hunter

- "With a bold knight and a strong-willed lady, Kaufman's story is positively medieval." - NYT & USA Today bestselling author Tracy Anne Warren

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Indie Book Release: Every Beat (Samantha Rey)

New Indie Book Release:
Every Beat - Samantha Rey
New Adult Romance (392 pages - December 2014)

Every Beat is set in a New England college. Sadie is a ballerina that is finally at her dream school to study literature. She has been burned by past relationships so she goes out of her way to avoid them, but she ends up getting stuck in the middle of two very important ones with Gavin and Jamie, which only leads to further self-discovery and growth from Sadie.

About the Book

Every Beat (Samantha Rey)
Click to Read an Excerpt
Sadie Vaughn knows all about heartbreak.

Her heart is so fractured that she has walls built up around it thick enough to keep everyone out, which means at least she won’t get hurt again. When her roommate, Henley, takes her on a tour of her new campus, Sadie literally falls into the arms of a devastatingly handsome stranger. She tries to ignore the feelings that have been awakened in her, but when she meets him again, she realizes she’s losing the battle.

To make matters worse, the brooding boy in the back row of her literature class stops her heart and makes it beat faster at the same time, even when he completely ignores her. She had all intentions of focusing on her studies and refusing relationships, but she finds herself in situations where she is unable to help herself.

Her past may have created the fears, but now she must decide if she is going to face them.