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New Indie Book Release: When Dawn Breaks (Melissa Toppen)

New Indie Book Release:
When Dawn Breaks - Melissa Toppen
Contemporary Romance (300 Pages - November 2017)

When Dawn Breaks is a story about testing friendships and of breaking the bond of trust, but it's also about being a survivor and of learning forgiveness. Tess, Courtney and Bree are long time friends and when one of them falls in love with one of their girlfriends ex-boyfriend ... it becomes a mixing pot waiting to explode between them all.

"Very well written. So well that I couldn't put it down. I thought about this book even when I wasn't reading it." - Reader Review

About the Book

When Dawn Breaks (Melissa Toppen)
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Life is hard. There’s no secret in that statement.
Life. Is. Hard.
Simple enough.

But my life hasn’t just been hard…

I’ve gotten used to it over the years—come to expect it really. So when fate hands me yet another big f*ck you, I’m not even a little bit surprised.

Why should I be? I mean, after everything I’ve been through, why not throw my best friend’s ex-boyfriend into the mix and see how royally I can screw this up too.

It doesn’t matter that he loved her first.
It doesn’t matter that he’s wrong for me in every way possible.

It doesn’t matter that being with him could ruin everything.

One touch and I already know it’s too late.

About the Author

Author Melissa Toppen
Author Melissa Toppen
Melissa Toppen is a Reader's Choice Award Winning and Bestselling Romance Author of New Adult, Contemporary, Erotic and Romantic Suspense.

She is a lover of books and enjoys nothing more than losing herself in a good novel. She has a soft spot for Romance and focuses her writing in that direction; writing what she loves to read.

Melissa resides in Cincinnati Ohio with her husband and two children, where she writes full time.

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New Indie Book Release: Star Child (Leonard Petracci)

New Indie Book Release:
Star Child - Leonard Petracci
Urban Fantasy / Superhero (449 Pages - October 2017)

Star Child blends the excitement of super powers with the practical applications of everyday life to create an imaginative yet realistic world. Witty and humorous characters entwined with a rapidly developing plot immediately hook the reader, combining suspense and entertainment that make the pages turn themselves.

"Leonard Petacci has a unique style of writing, involving short chapters with hooks that beg the reader to keep the pages turning. This gives his work the extraordinary ability to be completely accessible for younger audiences, while still maintaining itself as a page turner for the more mature reader." - Reader Review

About the Book

Star Child (Leonard Petracci)
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Powers are determined by geographic birth locations, and only the rich and powerful are permitted access to prized sites. SC is the first person born in space.

The punishment for unauthorized births is death. Out of fear, SC keeps his strange abilities as his darkest secret. He pretends to be nothing more than a mere Regular while his peers develop unique powers, varying from controlling lightning to producing diamond hard skin. But when his mother is kidnapped by an unknown organization, SC has no choice but to act.

SC ventures into a school of talented students to learn to fight, where he must learn to master his powers without revealing their true nature. But soon he realizes that the school is more than it appears and that it may hold the secret to his missing mother. To rescue her, he will have to reveal powers never before seen in all of history.

About the Author

Author Leonard Petracci
Author Leonard Petracci
Leonard Petracci is a recent graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology currently living in Lancaster.

In his spare time you can find him hiking, at the beach, or enjoying the outdoors.

He enjoys writing Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, often intermingling the genres to achieve fresh results.

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Featured Indie Book: iDENTITY (Cynthia Kumanchik)

iDENTITY (Cynthia Kumanchik)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Science Fiction Novel iDENTITY by Cynthia Kumanchik.

iDENTITY: The year 2040 is populated mostly by millennials and the robots to whom humanity has delegated menial labor. The government is all-powerful and all-intrusive; privacy is a thing of the past...

The Book has been self-published via Amazon CreateSpace and is available as eBook and Paperback - 230 pages - released in August 2017.

About the Book

Twenty years after the great drought of 2020, citizens in California and across the United States live under the government's watchful eye. In this age of intrusion, competition for resources and jobs is fierce. One mistake can be disastrous.

Maggie, Jasmine, Sydney, and Lena are strangers with one thing in common: they each have nothing left to live for. All these women need is a fresh start, but they'll find the cost is more than they could ever have imagined. A secretive biogenetics company offers them a mysterious serum that promises to change their identities, giving them great fortune and power. Is such a serum too good to be true?

The women find that their new success draws them into a world of rivalry and blackmail, and by the time they discover the truth about the serum, it's too late. The evil scientist who created it only cares about money, regardless of how many people get hurt.

After reuniting for follow-up testing, the four women realize their only choice is banding together to stop testing of the serum. They're watched from every side, but they must try to salvage what little is left of the humanity of Earth.

iDENTITY (Cynthia Kumanchik)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] definitely an interesting futuristic dystopian page-turner. This novel has a bit of everything. It has the heroines, enduring friendships, greedy villains, revenge, philosophical twists and a lot of non stop action. I absolutely highly recommend this novel." - Midnight Sun

- "[...] This is an imaginative book that makes intriguing reading. Thoroughly recommended." - BobT (Amazon)

- "[...] I couldn't put it down. I definitely recommend this book! It's not often you find a book that continuously holds your interest." - Rêvvâ Tênâg

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New Indie Book Release: Art of Love (Allie Boniface)

New Indie Book Release:
Art of Love (Hometown Heroes) - Allie Boniface
Contemporary Romance (120 Pages - October 2017)

Art of Love is a small town romance set in the French Riviera, a perfect place for love with an international feel...

“[...] very enjoyable read and I heartily recommend it. I enjoyed getting to know Chloe and Bodhi and see what was under the surface. The descriptions of the French countryside and food were amazing." - Reader Review

About the Book

Art of Love (Allie Boniface)
Click to Read an Excerpt
College senior Chloe Garrick travels halfway around the world to work in a French art studio. While spending a summer in southern France might be a dream to someone else, all she really wants is to go home to Lindsey Point, where her friends, family, and sorority sisters are enjoying beach bonfires and late-night parties without her.

Bodhi Lawson has mastered the art of living alone. Scarred by a fire as a boy, he’s grown used to the stares of strangers and the rejection of women, and living in a small French town suits him well. But when Chloe moves in next door, he finds himself opening up to the bubbly American in ways he never imagined.

At first, Chloe is counting the days until she can return to the States, but the more time she spends with Bodhi, the more she wants to know about the man behind the mask. When an unexpected tragedy summons her home, will this beauty and the beast retreat to the safety of the worlds they’ve always known, or take a chance and risk it all for love?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Featured Indie Book: Keepers of the Gate (Adrian P. Stubbs)

Keepers of the Gate (Adrian P. Stubbs)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Military / Science Fiction Keepers of the Gate by Adrian P. Stubbs.

Keepers of the Gate: Defenders of the Free World is about the formation of a multi-national military special forces group initially tasked with fighting global terrorism and, later charged with protecting the planet from hostile aliens.

The Book has been self-published via Xlibris Publishing and is available as eBook, Hardcover and Paperback - 456 pages - released in August 2011.

About the Book

Like an epidemic, terrorism was spreading its reach globally. It was beginning to affect the lives of all people, no matter where they lived.

Colonel Anwar Roche, a career US Army officer and a commander in the elite Delta Force, was given the task of forming a response to this growing threat. He was ordered to create an organization that was unique for this purpose; he was to create a multi-national counter-terrorist command to answer that call.

This new military command is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is called the "Supreme Headquarters of the S-10 Special Operations Group Command". Initially, this command combats the tentacles of terrorist reaching around the globe that include piracy at sea near the horn of Africa, operations in the Middle East, hijacking of an ocean liner, nuclear detonations in major American cities and attacks on major landmarks around the country such as the NASA facility at Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Miami International Airport, Sears Towers in Chicago and others.

Within a few years, the scope of operations for this military command soon changes from combating terrestrial terrorism to that of extra-terrestrial. This change is made shortly before the governments and major religions of the planet make full disclosures to the world that we are not alone in the universe.

The new direction for the military command is to defend the gates to planet Earth against attacks from malevolent beings from outer space. It also has the duty of preparing the planet's military forces for engaging the superior military forces from beyond the skies, with the aid of friendly extra-terrestrial forces.

Keepers of the Gate (Adrian P. Stubbs)
Click to Read an Excerpt

The return of these hostile alien forces to planet Earth and the major battles that ensued, along with the major Earth changes underway, destroyed most of the planet. These events were prophesied in the apocalyptic books of the major religions. They also closely aligned with the prophecies made in the Mayan Calendar and the return of the rogue planet Nibiru and its planetary system on December 21, 2012. The ancient gods were returning...

Over six billion humans were transported off-world for safe keeping, to a planet over six light-years away. This is for their protection from the catastrophic planetary changes and rogue extraterrestrials planning to take advantage of the galactic turmoil created by the fast approaching Nibiru mini-solar system.

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New Indie Book Release: Perpetuating Trouble (Chris Orcutt)

New Indie Book Release:
Perpetuating Trouble - Chris Orcutt
Memoir / Humor (239 Pages - October 2017)

Perpetuating Trouble is an honest portrayal of the life of a full-time independent author. While others attempt to sell their success stories of fame and fortune, Orcutt chronicles the realities one writer's life away from the writing desk.

"[...] Orcutt is a tortured perfectionist who sees satisfaction as a form of surrender. Perpetuating Trouble is a testament to his torment and to his legitimacy as a Master Craftsman." - Reader Review

About the Book

Perpetuating Trouble (Chris Orcutt)
Click to Read an Excerpt
"I avoided writers very carefully because they can perpetuate trouble as no one else can," wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald. In his humorous memoir Perpetuating Trouble, independent author Chris Orcutt debunks the myth that full-time writers are "livin' the dream." Orcutt reveals that the writing life is really one of crushing solitude, chronic dissatisfaction, mood swings and self-doubt, and where successes, when the come, are like diner mints--sweet, but short-lived.

Yet, Orcutt's deep love of language, his saintly wife, and his indomitable sense of humor keep him going. Whether picking up two female hitchhikers who later turn out to be aliens from another planet, or divesting himself of a hoard of tacky paintings, or using philosophy to get out of a traffic ticket, Orcutt finds the humor and the art in his trials. It's also a life of love and sadness, as he recounts a whirlwind love affair with a ravishing redhead, and the death of his beloved writing companion, his cat.

In the end, Orcutt discovers that to be a writer, he must be part adventurer, crusader, humorist, lover, philosopher, and, of course, troublemaker.

Monday, October 16, 2017

New Indie Book Release: Genesis II - A New Day, A New Beginning (Adrian P. Stubbs)

New Indie Book Release:
Genesis II: A New Day, A New Beginning - Adrian P. Stubbs
Science Fiction / Space Opera (324 Pages - August 2017)

Genesis II: A New Day, A New Beginning is an optimistic science fiction epic novel that shows the many ways humanity can overcome any obstacle. General Philip King’s love for his family will be with him through every challenge to come.

About the Book

Genesis II - A New Day, A New Beginning (Adrian P. Stubbs)
Click to Read an Excerpt
In Keepers of the Gate: Defenders of the Free World, science fiction author Adrian P. Stubbs took the human race to the stars. Billions of humans traveled on Earth Arks to a point deep in space.

The Great Exodus was intended to save humanity from a cataclysmic event. The Nibiru mini–solar system was about to pass through the Earth’s solar system. Earth underwent violent physical changes as a result of the passage.

Now, in Genesis II, humanity is returning in a long-awaited homecoming. They must be careful. It isn’t the same planet as the one they left.

There are now two moons in the sky. The polar ice caps are gone, and there are no longer seasons. Humans may have survived a planetary apocalypse, but how do they rebuild on a world that seems so alien and new?

Helping humanity is a species of advanced aliens who are generous with their technology and knowledge. The planet isn’t the only thing evolving in this thoughtful science fiction saga. Humanity has always strived for a higher state of physical, emotional, and spiritual existence. It is now within their grasp, but are humans ready for the power this knowledge will impart?

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3 Tips to Indie SUCCESS from 3 Successful Authors

Asking successful Indie Authors:

Indie Author Tip
We’re a few years into the rocket ship that is independent publishing, so most of us have read countless articles and books on the ‘how to’ and ‘what not to’ and ‘try this’ types of tutelages. The Indie Author has become a successful one-man and one-woman show. We’re educated in the fields of production and marketing. So of course many of these tips and articles have proven effective! But because our industry has grown with so many success stories out there, we can now start asking deeper questions on the motivation that has driven these successful authors.
As cover designer, illustrator and writer I’ve worked with countless independent authors and publishers. On this journey with them all I’ve seen some authors enjoy incredible achievements.
However, how do we measure an author’s success? Is it the amount of books sold, awards won – or is it the mere fact that so many authors have to overcome various challenges to complete a book, or even series?

‘Success’ is NOT just one thing. Its many things.

In my humble opinion, I would say it’s all of the above. ‘Success’ is NOT just one thing. Its many things.
It has been my privilege to work with these three authors, from diverse genres, who have gone onto publishing numerous books, won awards and even kick-started a whole product range!
So I asked them this question: “How did you go from ‘Wanting to write a book’ to now having published and doing so much more?”
All three answered generously (and authentically), and it’s my honor to share their insights with all authors out there, new or established. Each of these answers resonate with me, and I KNOW every author will find an echoing thought and driving inspiration.


A.J. CULEY -Young Adult and Children’s Book Author

Tweet-worthy: “It’s not about reaching the peak. It’s about the journey to get there and then the journey to the next one.” – A.J. Culey

Author A.J. Culey
Author A.J. Culey
I think for much of my life I was waiting for the stars to align – for me to have the energy, the time, the inspiration AND the motivation all in the same moment. This is how years passed with plenty of ideas and tons of story starts but no finishes. Eventually I realized the stars would never align, at least not perfectly, for me to ever feel like this was the one moment I had to write. And that was my big lesson – realizing the moment had always been and always would be now.

So I started taking classes and I joined writers’ communities and I began to take my writing seriously. I think that's the big thing. We have to take ourselves seriously, as artists, as writers, as creative thinkers. And in that process of taking myself, my craft and my dreams seriously, one book led to another and another until one day I woke to the realization that I was an award-winning author with twelve published books in three different genres and several more on the way.

But to say “I woke” to that realization is to somehow imply that it just happened, which really isn’t the case at all. The truth is I invested the time and money in developing my career. I focused on the goal, invested financially in amazing book covers and illustrations, not to mention promotions, and committed my time to writing quality stories. I just plain did the hard work. And I think the big thing for me moving forward is to keep doing that hard work. I can’t stop to rest on my laurels. I have to constantly work at developing my craft and reaching for that next great story.

It’s not about reaching the peak. It’s about the journey to get there and then the journey to the next one.

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Indie Author Interview: Christopher Reamy

Indie Author Interview with Christopher Reamy - Author of the (Dark) Fantasy Novel Dreams of Hegemony.

Christopher Reamy has been writing works of fiction since he was a child, becoming a nationally published author at the age of 9, with the poem “In the Cold and In the Night”. He is also a decorated veteran of the United States Air Force, earning such honors as “Honor Guardsman of The Year,” and “Non-Commissioned Officer of The Year”.

Interview with Christopher Reamy

Author Christopher Reamy
Author Christopher Reamy
Alan Kealey (Indie Author News): How would you describe your writing style?
Christopher Reamy: I think my writing style can be summed up best as dark and emotional. I find despair a fascinating fissure that must be navigated with the most delicate of sensitivities, forcing each character to rise above the obstacles set before them, or plunge head long into its depths, lost forever. I love to explore how people deal with loss. But I also enjoy the triumph, the will to persevere, the drive to succeed, and above all else, the passion and love that spurns them on through various trials unspeakable. I like to explore, “What is that ONE thing that we cling to in times of pain or adversity?” For each person it may be different. And for each character I write, it is no exception.

Who are your favorite writers, and who or what are your writing influences?
Without a doubt my favorite writer of all time is Edgar Allan Poe. I began reading him from a very young age, and I find him to be a master of literature. He is without a doubt my biggest influence, as I began writing poems almost exclusively from my youth. All of which where dark in tone. I also love Stephen King. I always thought that I would grow up and be a horror writer because of those influences, however, I feel that I enjoy writing many different genres from Fantasy, to realistic fiction, to anything in between. Now, one day I will do a horror novel. But I have a great imagination, and right now I like my sleep, so that is on hold for the time being. But when I decide to go forward with it, there is no doubt in my mind, it`s going to be fun.

When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer?
I knew I wanted to be a writer from as early as 6 or 7 when I would gather with my cousins and tell them stories that I would make up on the spot. We would sit in a circle and I would create adventures involving each family member and they really enjoyed them, and I enjoyed their excitement and enthusiasm for my tales. I later moved to poetry, something I am still passionate about, but it has been a long time anyone has read a poem from me outside of my wife.

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
My first published poem was called “In the cold and in the night”, I wrote it when I was 8 years old. I remember my teachers reading the poems I would write during class in my black and white notebook, and recoiling at what this little 8 year old had written. To me, I was just writing fun, albeit macabre, stories I found interesting. My first poem was about a depressed man who`s wife had left him, pacing back and forth on the shore of a lake in the chill of late fall. He kills himself with a gunshot to the temple, and his body is pulled into the waters. As time went by his body was frozen under the surface, his lifeless corpse staring upward through the ice. If I was a teacher and an 8 year old wrote something like that, I would be a little shaken too, haha.

"My writing process always consists of an idea first."

Tell us about your writing process. Do you have a writing routine?
My writing process always consists of an idea first. An idea that I find intriguing, or new, or a twist on a trope that hasn’t been quite explored in that way. Most of the time for me, the ending always comes first. And it usually consist of, “Wow, wouldn’t it bee cool if…”, Or “Oh my goodness, that would be crazy!” My first book “Dreams of Hegemony” is the exception. I wrote it not knowing where it was going, and let interesting ideas and plot twist decide what characters would like or die, and what events would transpire due to how the story was flowing. I didn’t lock down the ending until about 70% of the book was complete. For the other two books I am currently writing, I have very distinct plot, and chapter outlines with events and how they transpire. Actually, I am currently writing a dystopian realistic fiction that has the final chapter already written, because the ending was genesis of the story.

Dreams of Hegemony (Christopher Reamy)
Click to Read an Excerpt

Please, describe your desk/workplace.
I have a desk and workplace in a small room upstairs. However, I usually don’t use it unless I am stressed out or pressed for time and need complete isolation. I am nocturnal by nature, and LOVE to be up at night. So, I usually write on the kitchen table or in the living room when my family is asleep. There is nothing better for me, than the silence of night to focus and write.

"Bringing your characters to life through conversation [...]"

What do you find easiest about writing? What the hardest?

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New Indie Book Release: When a Stranger Comes... (Karen S. Bell)

New Indie Book Release:
When a Stranger Comes... - Karen S. Bell
Psychological Thriller (249 Pages - September 2017)

When a Stranger Comes... is an allegory for the evil lurking in our midst. The social decay of modern society with its excessive greed, the ignorance of our political leaders, and our indifference toward the survival of all species from the effects of climate change are perhaps brought forth by the darkest forces of human nature.

About the Book

When a Stranger Comes... (Karen S. Bell)
Click to Read an Excerpt
Satisfying one's greed can come at a devilishly high cost.

Achieving what you crave can also bring the terrifying fear of losing it. For Alexa Wainwright, this truth has become her nightmare. Born Gladys Lipschitz, the daughter of an unwed Soviet-era Jewish immigrant, she was beyond thrilled and amazed when her debut novel, A Foregone Conclusion, soared to number one on the bestseller's list and became an international sensation. The accompanying fame and riches were beyond her expectations. Unfortunately, her subsequent work has yet to achieve the same reception by critics and readers. Yes, they have sold well based on her name recognition, but she dreads the possibility of becoming a mid-list author forgotten and ignored.

She vows to do whatever it takes to attain the heady ego-stroking success of her debut. But is she really?

Witnessing an out-of-the-blue lightning bolt whose giant tendrils spread over the blue sky and city streets below her loft window, Alexa doesn't realize just how this vow will be tested as she's magically transported to an alternate reality. In this universe, the characters from her books are given the breath of life and she meets publisher, King Blakemore, who just might be the Devil himself. At first, she shrugs off her doubts about this peculiar publisher and very lucrative book deal offer because the temptation of riches and refound fame is too strong. But all too soon, Alexa realizes she's trapped in an underworld of evil from which she desperately wants to escape. For starters, she finds herself in an iron-clad book contract that changes its wording whenever she thinks of a loophole.

Desperate to get her life back, she devises schemes to untether herself from this hellish existence.

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New Indie Book Release: Play Room (L.P. Dover & Heidi McLaughlin)

New Indie Book Release:
Play Room - L.P. Dover & Heidi McLaughlin
Contemporary Romance (262 Pages - September 2017)

Play Room: A Society X Novel is a steamy story about two people who explore their inner fantasies and fall in love.

"Welcome to the Play Room. Another delicious destination inside the sexy walls of Society X!" - Reader Review

About the Book

Play Room (L.P. Dover & Heidi McLaughlin)
Click to Read an Excerpt
The rules of Society X are simple... break them and you're out.

Rule #1 - No names
It doesn't matter if you want to know, it's forbidden.

Rule #2 - No exchanging numbers
It doesn't matter if you want to call, it's forbidden.

Rule #3 - Everything is to remain strictly anonymous.
It doesn't matter if you want to tell, it's forbidden.

Whatever your desire.
Whatever your fetish.
The Play Room is the place to go.

For Alexandria Miller, it’s a chance to express herself, to embrace her hidden passions.
For Kai Robicheau, being in the club brings out who he truly is.

What happens in the Play Room will have you aching for more...

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Featured Indie Book: The Healer's Curse (J. P. Doyle)

The Healer's Curse (J. P. Doyle)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Supernatural/Medical Thriller The Healer's Curse by J. P. Doyle.

The Healer's Curse is about Alex Trent who finds out that he has developed the ability to heal anyone's diseases and injuries just by touching them. This novel is a new supernatural thriller - with a medical twist. The Healer's Curse will appeal to readers who like strong female protagonists.

The Book has been self-published via Innofiction Books and is available as eBook and Paperback - 332 pages - released in July 2017.

About the Book

Alex Trent was as shocked as everyone else when he found out that he could heal with the touch of his hand.
He thought that he was on the fast track to fame and fortune, just for the simple act of touching others.

He is about to find out how wrong he is.

Alex will be forced into a bizarre game of medical Russian roulette that will threaten not only his life, but those around him.

And that's just the beginning of his problems.

As Alex is being pursued by powerful people who want to use him for their own ends, he must stay one step ahead of them. Alex must find out how to get rid of The Healer's Curse before it crosses a line — a line where not even his own healing ability can save him.

The Healer's Curse (J. P. Doyle)
Click to Read an Excerpt

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "The Healer's Curse is a fast paced thriller with some unexpected twists and turns. As a fellow health care worker, I appreciated the accuracy of the underlying medical themes. I especially enjoyed the loyal friendship between the main character, Alex and his childhood buddy Cyan. I'm looking forward to reading more from Mr. Doyle." - Mary D. (Amazon)

- "J.P. Doyle has a way with storytelling and the perfect approach to keep his readers engaged in this book. It was hard to put the book down. Can't wait until the next." - Gregory Mitchell