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New Indie Book Release: Gun Princess Royale - Awakening the Princess (Albert Ruckholdt)

New Indie Book Release:
Gun Princess Royale: Awakening the Princess - Albert Ruckholdt
YA Science-Fiction (375 Pages - March 2017)

Gun Princess Royale: Awakening the Princess tells the story of Ronin Kassius, a 1st year high school boy living on the colonized world of Teloria, who finds himself an unwilling female participant in the Gun Princess Royale Tournament, where competitors known as Gun Princesses battle for the title of Gun Queen, and the right to compete for the vaunted rank of Gun Empress.

"This story is a fantastic! The characters are great and are very easy to relate to. You see the characters develop gradually through the story which is a plus. If you like science fiction stories with good character development and action, than this is the story for you!" - Reader Review

About the Book

Gun Princess Royale - Awakening the Princess (Albert Ruckholdt)
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A High School Sci-Fi Adventure with a gender twist.

It is said there is no point crying over spilt milk, but for Ronin Kassius living on the terraformed world of Teloria, his decision to help out the Cosplay Club during his third year of middle school at Telos Academy in the city-state of Ar Telica is one he fervently regrets. Cross-playing as the popular animated heroine, Princess Silver Blue, garnered him a legion of ardent fans misled to believe he is a girl and not a boy because of his overtly feminine appearance.

A year later, his high school life descends into a waking nightmare after a near death experience, and his school reputation lies in tatters when his cross-playing is revealed on social media. However, Ronin soon learns that is the least of his problems, and there is more afoot than he could have ever imagined when he discovers that a powerful, enigmatic family has chosen him to represent their interest by competing in the Gun Princess Royale championship, an all too realistic and overly popular VR tournament where players with corporate sponsorship wield Gun Princess avatars in battle.

However little could have prepared him for the revelation that he won't be participating as the avatar's operator, but as the prototype Gun Princess called Mirai, an existence that comes with her own unique set of problems, and that there is nothing virtual about the brutal and bloody competition he has been thrust into.

About the Author

Albert Ruckholdt is a science-fiction/romance novelist focusing on works written for teenage and young adult readers.

A software engineer by trade, he graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney with an Honors Degree in Computer Science and immediately entered the world of financial systems. When not writing fiction, he is a senior programmer in a third-party accounting solutions company based in Sydney, Australia.

Raised on a healthy diet of stories by science-fiction greats such Zelazny, Asimov, Bradbury, Simak, Moorcock, and Donaldson, he made the decision to write for the young adult market after receiving surprisingly positive critiques from members of the teenage demographic for a couple of unpublished works.

First novel, "Pride X Familiar", was written with the intention of delivering a light-novel for young adult western readers. He later released "Pride X Familiar ReVamp" as an alternative telling of the story.

An avid fan of Japanese anime, manga and culture, he is also a student of the Japanese language at beginner level, and credits Seo Kouji's manga "Suzuka", and the works by Shoji Gatoh, as part of his inspiration to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard.

The Gun Princess Royale series represents his first serious foray into the science-fiction, young-adult, gender-bender genres, and a step away from the Japanese light-novel prose, instead adopting the more traditional narrative style found in Western novels.

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Featured Indie Book: Chicago's Best (Katharine E. Hamilton)

Chicago's Best (Katharine E. Hamilton)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Romantic Suspense Novel Chicago's Best by Katharine E. Hamilton .

Chicago's Best is a Romantic Suspense featuring two main characters that are somewhat forced to work together in an unexpected way, both not looking for love, and yet, there's this underlying interest that keeps rearing its head when they interact. The beginning stages of a relationship: the sparks, the tension, the interest... there's a thrill in that...

The Book has been self-published via CreateSpace and is available as eBook and Paperback - 310 pages - released in March 2017.

About the Book

Kat Riesling spends her days serving up delicious treats with a side of sass at her beloved cafe.
However, her life is turned upside down when she finds herself as the newest target of the city's largest crime boss.

Ian O'Dell, the newest detective on the Chicago police force, only wishes to serve and protect the quirky cafe owner.

But as bullets fly and emotions tangle, he finds himself torn between what his heart wants and what his duty demands.

Chicago's Best (Katharine E. Hamilton)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Fantastic book. Great plot. I love the mystery and being kept on the edge of my seat until the very end to have all of my who and why questions answered. Characters were very well developed and very believable. Next to real life nonfiction - real life fiction is my favorite! Great job [...]" - Lisa T.

- "This a truly great book! The characters are surprising and endearing, with real humanity that is, at times, painfully relatable! The plot is intriguing and suspenseful, yet remains light and enjoyable throughout. I would definitely snag this one for your spring break reading! Another fantastic book from Katharine Hamilton, that again, leaves us wanting more!" - Erin Davis

- "It keeps your attention when reading the whole book and you can not put the book down. I Loved it." - Jan (Amazon)

- "Excellent job! Light read, but kept the reader engaged in the story." - T.S. (Amazon)

About the Author

Author Katharine E. Hamilton
Author Katharine E. Hamilton
Katharine E. Hamilton started her writing career a decade ago by creating fun-filled stories that have taken children on imaginative adventures all around the world.

Now, Katharine extends the invitation for adventure to adults everywhere. She finds herself drawn time and again by the people behind her own adventures and wishes to bring them to life in her stories.

She was born and raised in the state of Texas, where she currently resides on a ranch in the heart of brush country with her husband, Brad, their son, Everett, and their two dogs, Tulip and Cash. Katharine is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. She finds most of her stories share the love of the past combined with a twist of imagination.

She is thankful to her readers for allowing her the privilege to turn her dreams into a new adventure for us all.

Links to the Author and the Book

Connect via the Author's Website

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Connect with the Author via Twitter: @AuthorKatharine

Link to the Paperback Chicago's Best on Amazon

Link to the eBook Chicago's Best on Amazon

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New Indie Book Release: Sisterhood of the Broken (CL Serabia)

New Indie Book Release:
Sisterhood of the Broken - CL Serabia
Psychological Thriller (263 Pages - March 2017)

Sisterhood of the Broken is a dark, psychological thriller with a strong, but flawed female characters. If the reader wants real characters with believable issues, Sisterhood of the Broken is a Must-Read.

"I read this book and couldn't put it down! This author's debut novel has me anxiously awaiting her next. Being a social worker myself I could relate to the story. Well done!" - Reader Review

About the Book

Sisterhood of the Broken (CL Serabia)
Click to Read an Excerpt
How far would you go to protect your sister?

Would you lie? Would you steal? Would you…kill?

Forensic psychologist, Dr. Cassie Wheaton is about to find out.

Broken and bitter, after a tragedy she thinks she could have prevented, she’s lost herself in self-loathing. Desperate for a change, she agrees to take on a new case, in a new town. That’s where she meets the Dantes sisters.

One of the sisters has survived an attack by the serial rapist who has been terrorizing Northwest women. He’s dead, she can’t remember what happened, and the police are losing patience. Cassie is called in to help discover the truth.

Cassie soon finds out, sisters with secrets form powerful bonds, and probing too deep might just get her killed.

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New Indie Book Release: Sentinels of the Night (Anita Dickason)

New Indie Book Release:
Sentinels of the Night - Anita Dickason
Thriller & Suspense / Paranormal (294 Pages - February 2017)

Sentinels of the Night sets up a newly formed team of FBI agents: Code Name - Trackers. Considered the elite of the elite, each has a secret, an extra edge, that defies reason and logic.

"Outstanding book! Great read and the words flow off the page. Enjoyed that it was not your typical crime drama, but that the author added in some paranormal and Native American elements. [...] you won't be disappointed!" - Reader Review

About the Book

Sentinels of the Night (Anita Dickason)
Click to Read an Excerpt
FBI Tracker Cat Morgan has an unusual talent, one she has successfully concealed, even from her fellow agents. That is—until she finds a body with a strange symbol carved on the forehead during a stop in Clinton, Mississippi and crosses paths with the town’s rugged police chief, Kevin Hunter.

Despite his instant attraction to the sexy agent, Kevin is suspicious of her presence at the crime scene and isn’t buying her dubious explanations. He wants her out of the investigation and out of his town.

The discovery of another mutilated body with the same symbol sends Cat back to Clinton, and this time she isn’t leaving. To stop the killer, Cat must find a way to overcome Kevin’s distrust and will face an impossible impasse—truth or lies.

But will either one matter, when the killer fixates on her for his next sacrifice?

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Featured Indie Book: Seeker - The Source Chronicles (MJ Blehart)

Seeker - The Source Chronicles (MJ Blehart)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: YA Fantasy (Swords and Sorcery) Seeker: The Source Chronicles by MJ Blehart.

Seeker: The Source Chronicles is an epic fantasy novel and the first book in The Source Chronicles series. It is a tale of self-discovery, of personal growth and empowerment both spiritual and physical. The characters that inhabit t'Thera are easy to relate to, despite an alien world and abilities unlike our own.

The Book has been self-published via Argent Hedgehog Press and is available as eBook and Paperback - 570 pages - released in October 2014.

About the Book

Prophecy and Destiny

Five thousand years ago, a comet was on a collision course with t'Thera. To stop it from destroying life across the planet, all of the wizards and fully realized sorcerers and sorceresses combined their power to arrest its descent, destroying themselves in the process. With their passing, no wizards would rise again, and no sorcerer would ever claim the strength of those lost in The Falling of The Skies.

One mystery from before The Falling would spark wars, and inspire adventurers for five millennia - The Source. The Source is a mysterious prophesied relic of sorcerous energies, capable of changing the destiny of the entire world. And only one will be able to wield this power - The Seeker.

In his search for The Source, The Seeker has miscalculated, and lost his power. As he struggles to regain his abilities, he finds himself embroiled in a rebellion that could have far reaching repercussions for all the world.

Driven by family deaths, leaving her the last child of her line, a princess abandons castle and kin. Instead of the finest wardrobe, courts and banquets and privilege she is in hiding in the countryside, sword-in-hand, leading a rebellion.

The King would have been content to have history say he ruled well and passed on an Orderly kingdom to his heir. Yet the presence of an illegal sorcerer and the rebellion of his daughter are only two of the threats his legacy faces.

The forces of Chaos are on the march. The Seeker realizes that if they overcome the forces of Order, his quest will fail, and the world will never know peace again.

Failure is to lose all to Chaos. Can a sorcerer, rebel princess, and king find the true path?

Seeker - The Source Chronicles (MJ Blehart)
Click to Read an Excerpt

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Excellent read. Detailed and developed. Fantasy and intriguing. A complete story in itself but if you like the story yes a second book. Battles very detailed and the sword fighting draws you in. Very well written story. Will read the second book and see where it takes me." - Carole Eshenbaugh

- "This was a great book with interesting characters where no one is perfect and all the characters grow a lot. This isn't some dry boring story, there is a ton of action and adventure as well. Great Book!" - Jonathan (Amazon)

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New Indie Book Release: Division One - A Small Medium At Large (Stephanie Osborn)

New Indie Book Release:
Division One: A Small Medium At Large - Stephanie Osborn
Science Fiction (350 Pages - April 2017)

Division One: A Small Medium At Large - When the Division One Agency discovers that Harry Houdini was really a gray alien, and that his family brought something of extreme political importance from the homeworld to hide on Earth, it falls to Echo and Omega — the Alpha One team — to track it down and learn its secrets before the secret agent sent from the homeworld finds it!

"This was Stephanie at the top of her form...a master of her craft...This book is a masterpiece!" - Daniel Hollifield, Editor in Chief (Aphelion Magazine)

About the Book

Division One - A Small Medium At Large (Stephanie Osborn)
Click to Read an Excerpt
What if Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was right all along, and Harry Houdini really DID do his illusions, not through sleight of hand, but via noncorporeal means? More, what if he could do this because...he wasn’t human?

Ari Ho’d’ni, Glu’g’ik son of the Special Steward of the Royal House of Va’du’sha’ā, better known to modern humans as an alien Gray from the ninth planet of Zeta Reticuli A, fled his homeworld with the rest of his family during a time of impending global civil war. With them, they brought a unique device which, in its absence, ultimately caused the failure of the uprisings and the collapse of the imperial regime. Consequently Va’du’sha’ā has been at peace for more than a century. What is the F’al, and why has a rebel faction sent a special agent to Earth to retrieve it?

It falls to the premier team in the Pan-Galactic Law Enforcement and Immigration Administration, Division One — the Alpha One team, known to their friends as Agents Echo and Omega -- to find out...or die trying.

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Featured Indie Book: And You Thought Your World Was Harsh (Darrin Adams)

And You Thought Your World Was Harsh (Darrin Adams)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Satire / Comedy And You Thought Your World Was Harsh by Darrin Adams.

And You Thought Your World Was Harsh is satire that is about the issues that we face in society. The story takes place in a town called Harshtown, and it focuses on a few main characters that are either trying to help fix the problems, remain neutral, or find ways to exploit the corrupted system. It explores issues, such as false imprisonment, corrupt helping professionals, issues with retail work, religious intolerance, apathy within society, politics, and many other problems. The book is loosely based on real stories, issues, and personalities.

The Book has been published via Palmetto Publishing Group and is available as eBook and Paperback - 298 pages - released in February 2017.

About the Book

Take everything you know about the world. Now turn it upside down.

Welcome to Harshtown, United States, Inc., where everyone thinks life is swell, and society is a utopian paradise—a world where people are run over and punished for it; where opposing junior football teams beat each other up in a bid to win; where policemen arrest innocent men—where saints are sinners and sinners are saints.

Set in this dystopian reality, readers are presented with the interlinking stories of some of Harshtown’s key players, which deftly paints a portrait of a society in ruin—a society that isn’t too far off from our own. Many of Harshtown’s citizens want to help, while others want to remain neutral—and others believe every moment is an opportunity for exploitation. A story within several stories, readers are able to look through a fictional lens to discover and explore many of the current issues and controversies we face today.

And You Thought Your World Was Harsh is a brilliant satire on the nature of our current society—and the potential absolute devastation we’re capable of creating for ourselves if no one takes a stand and figures out a better way.

And You Thought Your World Was Harsh (Darrin Adams)
Click to Read an Excerpt

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "When I started reading this book, I found that I could not put it down. This is definitely a page turner. It keeps your interest and wanting to see where the next chapter takes you. It is well written and a unique satire perspective on today's society. This an author that I look forward to seeing more of his work. I can't wait to read where the next book takes us." - Shelly (Amazon)

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New Indie Book Release: Ren - Awakened (Brittany Quagan)

New Indie Book Release:
Ren: Awakened - Brittany Quagan
Literary Fiction (244 Pages)

Ren: Awakened is a story about anyone who’s ever felt alone, misunderstood, or fundamentally flawed. The reader finds this lost, seventeen year old foster child, riddled with angst and inner turmoil, but through shifting her thoughts she finds empowerment.

"OUTSTANDING! Thrilling and fascinating; just when you think you have everything figured out, Brittany Quagan throws a curveball at you and you're left wondering what just happened. Superbly written, full of action and suspense and just enough of a love story to pull at your heart strings in the quiet moments of the plot.[...]" - Reader Review

About the Book

Ren - Awakened (Brittany Quagan)
Click to Read an Excerpt
Seventeen-year-old Ren Nagel knows that the strange things she's seen are real--even if no one else believes her. But, when she's locked up in a psychiatric hospital; she loses hope that anyone will ever truly be on her side.

Then everything changes. With the help of a new friend, Ren breaks out. It's when she's on the run that she learns who she really is.

Hunted by evil, Ren must learn to control a power she never knew she had, organize a coalition of people she never knew existed, and remind humanity why fighting the darkness is a big part of being human.

Sometimes, feeling different is much more than just a feeling. For Ren, it means the fate of the world.

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Featured Indie Book: Safe Havens Bundle (Sandy James)

Safe Havens Bundle (Sandy James)

Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Historical Romance (Old West) Book-Set Safe Havens Bundle by Sandy James.

Safe Havens Bundle is a 3-book bundle of stories about people finding love and redemption through adversity.

The Book has been published via James Gang Publishing and is available as eBook - 874 pages - released in March 2015.

About the Book

Saving Grace (Book 1)
Grace Riley is on the run—from her past and from her fears. The victim of a violent rape at the hands of a rich politician’s son, she must “disappear” to escape his constant attempts to recapture her. Moving from cattle drive to cattle drive as a cook, she avoids her tormentor for nearly twenty years. When she discovers that the brother she gave up for adoption after their mother died in childbirth was orphaned at an early age, she is frantic to verify that he’s safe. She tracks him to a cattle ranch in Montana.

Widower Adam Morgan owns the Twin Springs ranch, but finds himself falling into a life of loneliness. Although he enjoys spending time with his grown daughter and the two men he rescued when they were living on the streets, he longs to meet a woman he can love. Living in the Montana territory where men greatly outnumber women makes finding a new wife difficult. Weary of working cattle, he is ready to make some changes in his life.

Grace falls ill on her journey, but she manages to make it to the Twin Springs ranch where her brother is supposed to be living. Adam takes her in, concerned for her health and the reason she’s searching for one of his adopted sons. Their chemistry is immediate and intense, but can Grace heal from her past of pain and fear? When her secrets are finally revealed, can Adam forgive her deceptions and learn to love again?

Runaway (Book 2)
Forced to flee her abusive fiancé, Cassandra Shay’s disappearance into Montana territory is delayed when she discovers her fiancé and uncle’s plot to murder her illegitimate brother and another innocent cowboy.

Ty Bishop hates the Shays, but accompanies Jake Curtis to meet Jake’s newfound uncle, Derrick Shay. Ty’s suspicions are confirmed when he and Jake are imprisoned and left to drown. After Cassie frees them, the men travel with her for her own protection.

When they arrive in Montana, the locals are horrified to discover a Shay in their midst, but Ty is drawn to Cassie like no other and is determined to win her heart. Despite her strong attraction to Ty, Cassie knows she must keep her distance to protect him from the hired guns the Shays send to retrieve her.

But their love will not be denied, and they must fight for justice before forging their future together.

Safe Havens Bundle (Sandy James)
Click to Read an Excerpt

Redeemed (Book 3)
Sold into prostitution, Sara Fuller robs a client and flees to her brother in White Pines, Montana.

Anxiously awaiting his mail order bride, rancher Caleb Young is delighted when a beautiful woman steps off the stagecoach. A series of misassumptions soon finds the two taking their marriage vows.

When Sara discovers she isn’t Caleb’s intended bride, she hides her scandalous past and sets out to prove she can be a good wife. Caleb adores Sara but suspects her of hiding something very important. Despite Sara’s secrets, their love grows and a child is conceived.

When Caleb’s real bride arrives, their troubles begin, only to be compounded by the appearance of the man Sara robbed. Now the two lovers must discover whether their love is strong enough to survive the forces threatening to tear them apart.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] All three novels take us to Montana Territory in the late 1880s, where we meet a cast of characters who will charm and delight you. Grace, Cassie, and Sara are all strong women who are fighting to survive and struggling to escape their pasts. All three find delicious heroes in the ranching community where they eventually settle. If you love history, the old West and romance that's sensual and intelligent--grab this bundle!" - Nan Reinhardt

- "Loved this bundle! Couldn't wait to get to next story. Each character's past added to the plot. Historical romance with a twist." - Sydney Helton

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New Indie Book Release: The Last Temptations of Iago Wick (Jennifer Rainey)

New Indie Book Release:
The Last Temptations of Iago Wick - Jennifer Rainey
Paranormal / Steampunk (221 Pages - February 2017)

The Last Temptations of Iago Wick is a unique blend of paranormal fantasy and horror with Steampunk elements. It's a rich and quick-paced story with a sharp sense of wit.

"The story pulls you along nicely and the main characters all have actual personality. Iago himself makes you pull for the demon even as he deceives or otherwise leads people to sign away their souls." - Reader Review

About the Book

The Last Temptations of Iago Wick (Jennifer Rainey)
Click to Read an Excerpt
For centuries, Iago Wick has meddled in the affairs of Man for the benefit of Hell—and had a damnably good time doing it. As one of two resident demons in eerie Marlowe, Massachusetts, he’s claimed some of the foulest souls for Hell’s legions. Now, with the twentieth century approaching, Iago is ending his tenure as a master of temptation and mischief. His final assignment pits him against The Fraternal Order of the Scarab, a society as secret as it is exceptionally unpleasant.

Enter Thomas Atchison, the mysterious and ruthless inventor-turned-demon hunter with a burning desire to obliterate Iago—how charming. They are quickly thrown into an exciting game of cat and mouse. With the help of his partner, Dante Lovelace, Iago endeavors to topple The Order and unlock the secrets of Atchison’s shadowy past.

What is Thomas Atchison hiding behind that frigid exterior? Will Iago succeed, or will Atchison conquer clever Mr. Wick?

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New Indie Book Release: Target (L.P. Dover)

New Indie Book Release:
Target - L.P. Dover
Romantic Suspense (302 Pages - April 2017)

Target: A Circle of Justice is an action-packed story full of love, loss, and redemption, combined with pulse-pounding suspense that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

"Brina is one seriously complicated woman. She gets what she wants. Wade is one hot man. Who knows how to stay true to the ones he loves. Loved all the twists in this story. Couldn't wait to see what would happen next. The love they have for their families is amazing. The connection between them is even stronger. What an amazing ending to a awesome story. A must read." - Reader Review

About the Book

Target (L.P. Dover)
Click to Read an Excerpt
An assassin... that’s what I am.

I’m Wade Chandler by day and a killer at night. I get the job done no matter the cost. Not only do I hunt people for the FBI, but I’m also the owner of Chandler Enterprises, one of the top companies in the southeast.

When Brina Carmichael – daughter of the former president – wants my business advice, it’s hard to resist her long legs and seductive smile. One thing leads to another and now I’m in too deep.

I can’t let her know what I am, but I’ve never wanted a woman the way I want her.

However, harboring secrets comes at a price and I have a feeling she’s keeping some of her own. Especially, when my next mission leads me straight to her. Turns out she’s not who I thought she was.

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Featured Indie Book: Toru - Wayfarer Returns (Stephanie R. Sorensen)

Toru - Wayfarer Returns (Stephanie R. Sorensen)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Alternate History/Steampunk Novel Toru: Wayfarer Returns by Stephanie R. Sorensen.

Toru: Wayfarer Returns offers the delights of historical fiction in its authentic portrayal of historical Japan and a momentous period in Japanese history, but then goes sailing wildly off the rails of history with an alternate version of that period peopled by revolutionary samurai flying around in steampunk dirigibles.

The Book has been published via Palantir Press and is available as eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover - 276 pages - released in February 2016.

About the Book

A Japan that might have been...Revolutionary young samurai with dirigibles take on the West in this alternate history steampunk technofantasy set in 1850s samurai-era Japan.

In Japan of 1852, the peace imposed by the Tokugawa Shoguns has lasted 250 years. Peace has turned to stagnation, however, as the commoners grow impoverished and their lords restless. Swords rust. Martial values decay. Foreign barbarians circle the island nation’s closed borders like vultures.

Tōru, a shipwrecked young fisherman rescued by traders and taken to America, defies the Shogun’s ban on returning to Japan, determined to save his homeland from foreign invasion. Can he rouse his countrymen in time? Or will the cruel Shogun carry out his vow to execute all who set foot in Japan after traveling abroad? Armed only with his will, a few books, dirigible plans and dangerous ideas, Tōru must transform the Emperor’s realm before the Black Ships come.

Toru - Wayfarer Returns (Stephanie R. Sorensen)
Click to Read an Excerpt

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "I completely enjoyed author Stephanie R. Sorenson's creativity and ability to write a unique storyline overlying the actual time period of Japan in 1852...Any reader who enjoys steampunk, historical fiction, or just a great read in general should absolutely read Toru: Wayfarer Returns!" - Chris Fischer

- "It is the gift of a great writer to create a reading experience in which you are transported to the time, place and feeling apart from your reality and are immersed in the characters and story. Stephanie Sorenson accomplishes this in a totally convincing way. Her extensive knowledge of 19th century Japan, the culture and the language combines to create a world you believe in. I would strongly recommend this book." - hbb (Amazon)