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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Featured Indie Book: Deehabta’s Song (Stephen Alder)

Deehabta’s Song (Stephen Alder)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Science-Fiction / Fantasy Novel Deehabta’s Song by Stephen Alder.

Deehabta’s Song is about a woman in her sixties who struggles with deep internal problems years after her fight with political powers almost destroyed her.

The Book has been published via iUniverse and is available as eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover - 216 pages - released in November 2020.

About the Book

Krissa is in her sixties, and the story begins with her last day of work as a government employee at the Great Library, where she has worked for 30 cycles (years). She is a resident of the planet Erunanta, which is known colloquially as Roon. It is also 30 years after the devastating Caderyn War. This brutal war, lasting twelve years, was fought between Roon, the seat of the empire, and the rebellious planet Caderyn. Krissa has never known why, but she suffered tremendous abuse at the hands of the EPF (Emperor’s Protection Force) in connection to this war. This seems to be the reason Krissa is such a troubled person. However, the unfolding story points to a darker reason.

As Krissa takes on a roommate, named Jo, we learn that Krissa has advanced martial arts skills that do not seem to correlate to her past life on Roon. In addition, her roommate Jo witnesses an ability Krissa possesses that is mysterious, if not otherworldly. After a period of stability, Krissa’s mental health issues manifest in a big way, and Jo finds it nearly impossible to live with her. Still, she is determined to help Krissa. She stays with Krissa and is rewarded with an amazing discovery and a life-changing experience when Krissa is finally set free from the real source of her problems.

Deehabta’s Song (Stephen Alder)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "This book is perfect for those who enjoy science fiction and even a touch of fantasy. But it also has a tender story of homecoming and reunion. I truly enjoyed the book." - Mark (Amazon)

- "Was hooked from the beginning. Very well written and very interesting plot. Would definately recommend." - Lisa (Amazon)

- "Realism merges with cosmic world building to create an immersive experience in Stephen Alder's Deehabta's Song. [...] Densely populated with immersive detail and portraying a realistic plight of women in harsh political landscapes, Deehabta's Song will delight genre readers, particularly those seeking stories about women with the fullness of their humanity intact." - BlueInk 

- "Really enjoyed this book. It was thoroughly engaging. Sign me up for the return trip to Roon." - David Alder

About the Author

Author Stephen Alder
Author Stephen Alder
Stephen Alder
 is a writer and author of Deehabta's Song. This is the first book in a series, and Stephen is currently working on the second book.

Born in 1952 into a military family, Stephen lived in the U.S. mainland, Hawaiian Islands, and Germany while growing up. 

Later, he settled in California, where he had a long career as a technical writer. In 2002, he married a woman from Indonesia and made a few trips to the islands of Java and Bali, taking lots of photos. These experiences, along with his interest in ancient history and culture, helped shape the book he would eventually write.

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Deehabta’s Song (Stephen Alder)

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