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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Featured Indie Book: Enough to Make the Angels Weep (Ernesto Patino)

Enough to Make the Angels Weep (Ernesto Patino)Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Historical Mystery Novel Enough to Make the Angels Weep by Ernesto Patino.

Enough to Make the Angels Weep is based on the true story of the St. Patrick's Battalion, a military unit composed mostly of Irish immigrants--refugees from the Great Famine--who switched sides during the Mexican-American War. They joined the Mexicans knowing full well that if Mexico lost the war, they would be hanged as traitors. 

The Book has been self-published via Black Opal Books and is available as eBook and Paperback - 218 pages - released in September 2021.

About the Book

An unsolved murder and a 150-year-old diary of an Irish soldier are inextricably linked to the past...

Hired to investigate the murder of an 84-year-old widow, P.I. Joe Coopersmith hits one dead end after another in his his search for leads. With few clues and no suspects, he nearly gives up, until he uncovers a connection to a bizarre plot to kill the descendants of Irish soldiers who fought for Mexico during the Mexican-American War. 

Known as San Patricios, they belonged to the St. Patrick's Battalion, an elite Mexican unit composed mostly of Irish immigrants. When a well-preserved diary of an Irish soldier turns up, Coopersmith knows he's on the right track. 

He digs deeper into the plot, soon learning the identity of the man behind it and his warped motive for the cold-blooded murder of the elderly widow. 

Enough to Make the Angels Weep (Ernesto Patino)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "I could not have asked for a better ending to this story; I loved how unique the plot was and how everything played out. Keeping me on my toes from beginning to end." - Theresa Kadair

- "Enough to Make the Angels Weep is a captivating war fiction novel with fanatastic historical elements that color the entire novel. This enthralling murder mystery is filled with compelling characters that will entertain any fans of crime fiction or historical fiction novels grounded in reality"  - Literary Titan

- "The author’s character development is one to applaud as Coppersmith is a smart and likeable character. Patino expertly intertwines the different story lines without confusing the reader.[...]" - Celeste S.

- "Enough to Make the Angels Weep is one of the most interesting and intriguing historical novels I have ever read. The story is based on facts, and besides being an educational eye-opener, it is also a great story." - Natalie Soine

About the Author

Author Ernesto Patino
Author Ernesto Patino
Ernesto Patino
 has been a musician, soldier, schoolteacher, FBI agent and private investigator. 

He is a multi-genre author whose books range from Mysteries and Thrillers to Romance and Children's books. 

His published works include In the Shadow of a Stranger, Web of Secrets, The Last of the Good Guys and One Last Dance

He lives in Southern Arizona with his wife Pamela with whom he shares a passion for ethnic cuisines, classical music and foreign films. For more information about Ernesto please visit his website. 

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Enough to Make the Angels Weep (Ernesto Patino)

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