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Thursday, December 09, 2021

New Indie Book Release: Standing Against The Wind (Marcus Abston)

New Indie Book Release: 
Standing Against The Wind Marcus Abston
Historical Fiction (375Pages - October 2021)

Standing Against The Wind follows Annabelle as she learns about Cherokee culture and other Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory. The story is written to be historically accurate as it explores the struggles of Native American culture in Indian Territory. It explores faith, family ties, friendship, solidity, and bravery as it probes racial and class disparity of the era.

"I loved the story line, and the characters. This is a story that truly touched my heart and made want more." - Reader Review

About the Book

Standing Against The Wind (Marcus Abston)
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The tale of lineage and legacy continues with Annabelle's escape into Indian Territory after fleeing from her cruel slave masters in Mercy, Missouri. In the wild west prairie lands of Oklahoma, she finds protection with her rescuers' Cherokee family and has to learn how to survive hidden within the Cherokee Nation. As she learns about Cherokee history, including the Trail of Tears, she also seeks guidance from an elder to heal from the traumas of her own past.

Embraced by some of the Cherokee people, she finds herself in conflict with others while an even greater danger from Indian Agents threatens. Evil stalks the nation, and in turn stalks her. As she stands against the wind in her grief from the trials and tribulations she experienced, an epic showdown between maintaining her faith in God and giving up her faith is now in motion.

Will Annabelle lose all hope of love and peace in her life?

About the Author

Author Marcus Abston
Author Marcus Abston
Marcus Abston
is the author of the A Dying Truth Exposed Series. 

He is from the south side suburbs of Chicago. He has two degrees in zoology, loves the Olympic games, and is interested Native American history, especially regarding issues that have divided families. 

He is a descendent of two Native American tribes. Some of the stories he enjoys creating focus on parts of history rarely talked about and revolve around genealogy and interracial relationships, particularly between African American and Native American communities that cause us to reflect on the choices we make especially in our teenage and young adult years. This focus is to help young adults see the bigger picture earlier in their lives. 

He hopes to fascinate your minds, to educate, to make you think about your family, and make you reflect on your own choices in life. 

God’s greatest commandment is to love each other.

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