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Monday, December 13, 2021

New Indie Book Release: Angel of Alta Langa (Suzanne Hoffman)

New Indie Book Release: 
Angel of Alta Langa Suzanne Hoffman
Historical Fiction (544 Pages - November 2021)

Angel of Alta Langa - A Novel of Love & War: A wealthy, childless war widow, a spirited young nurse, and a defiant daughter of a Fascist Jewish banker unite to confront the unimaginable evil that threatens all they hold dear. 

"One of the best novels I have read a in very long time! Could not put this book down. It was absolutely engrossing and completely absorbing! Beautiful and exciting!" - Reader Review

About the Book

Angel of Alta Langa (Suzanne Hoffman)
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Alba, Piemonte, 1918. The Great War ends and pandemic rages. Fascism takes root in the ruins. Cornelia Bottero has lost her husband on the battlefield and her only child to influenza. Despite the risks, the wealthy widow charts her course to meet the moment and defy a regime that values women only as mothers of future soldiers. 
Within Cornelia’s circle are Sara, a spirited Barbaresco farm girl, and Doretta, the strong-willed daughter of a prominent Jewish banking family in Turin. Though from different worlds, they are both true Piemontese, united by courage, resolve, and loyalty. As Fascist Italy descends into the hellish abyss of Hitler’s Reich and his war against the Jews, Sara and Doretta see what adults do not see—cannot bear to see.
Cornelia senses their potential in the Resistance: Sara as a battlefield nurse on a superbly trained horse, Doretta as a partisan. After Italy’s surrender in 1943, the Nazis tighten their grip on Piemonte. The death count climbs as the liberation of Piemonte hangs in the balance.
Barbaresco, Piemonte, January 1946. The first post-war year dawns. Who has survived the madness to live on in a free, united Italy?

About the Author

Author Suzanne Hoffman
Author Suzanne Hoffman
Suzanne Hoffman,
 born in New Orleans and raised in Louisiana’s bayou country, is an attorney and passionate storyteller. 

Suzanne’s first book, Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte, is an award-winning and groundbreaking collection of the life stories of generations of twenty-two wine families. 

Angel of Alta Langa: A Novel of Love and War is Suzanne’s second book and debut historical novel.

Although for most of her life she called the Louisiana and Switzerland home, Suzanne and her husband now reside in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. 

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