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Monday, June 14, 2021

New Indie Book Release: Twilight Sojourn (Marilyn Hailbronner)

New Indie Book Release: 
Twilight Sojourn - Marilyn Hailbronner
Historical Romance / Time Travel Romance (500 Pages - January 2021)

Twilight Sojourn is a work of historical fiction. The military history of medieval Wales is completely accurate. The story imagines a modern woman who travels to the past and experiences the events unfolding first hand. Fans of Outlander will love this book which brings great depth to the time travel romance genre

About the Book

Twilight Sojourn (Marilyn Hailbronner)
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An intrepid warrior on a mission for the king. A beautiful woman lost in time. Will he try to keep her at his side, or help her return to her own world?

A fast-paced time travel adventure throws two unlikely people together in a passionate romance. A woman, searching for a lost past, slips into the turbulent time of 1081 where she meets the seasoned commander of a Welsh war band in the aftermath of a battle that has tipped the balance of power in Wales. They navigate the wilds of the Welsh mountains trying to escape an unexpected enemy.

The first book in the Twilight Sojourn series will transport you to medieval Wales, a land torn apart by violence and a place where Mairwen, a woman from the future, discovers her one true love, the warlord named Rhain.

Read The Shadow of Black Mountain today on Kindle or as Paperback to be transported into this timeless romance.

About the Author

Author Marilyn Hailbronner
Author Marilyn Hailbronner
Marilyn Hailbronner
 was born in the United Kingdom, she spent much of her early life living in various counties in the British Isles and abroad in Europe and the Far East. 

Her careers have spanned the British military, medic, naturalist guide in Alaska, wildlife illustrator and EMS instructor. 

She currently lives in America with her husband, whose support and help during the endless revisions was invaluable. 

Twilight Sojourn is her first novel and she is currently working on it's sequel.

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