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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Featured Indie Book: Fighting the Devil (Jeannie Walker)

Today's Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Fighting the Devil by Jeannie Walker. It is Jeannie Walker's first True Crime Thriller self-published via CreateSpace, iUniverse and KDP. This Book is available as Hardcover (336 pages), Paperback and in digital Format. (Kindle, Nook, Smashwords)

Fighting the Devil (Jeannie Walker)

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Fighting the Devil" by Jeannie Walker has been selected the FINALIST of the 2011 Indie Excellence Award in the category of True Crime." -Indie Excellence Awards

- "The book is engaging and keeps readers interest throughout. It is hard to put down. Although you have to wonder what the author's motive is - it soon becomes clear that THIS MURDER is a mystery that demands your attention".  -Beyond the Bookshelf

- "[...] I expected a true-life who-dunnit/mystery thriller. What I got was so much more. This novel is a beautiful, heart-wrenching, inspirational, and oftentimes harrowing memoir of the life of one of the bravest women I know: Jeannie Walker." - Ellen C. Maze

- "Walker writes this mystery thriller like she's talking to a close confidant. Add it to your reading list today!" - True Crime Book Reviews

Book Description

A true crime suspense thriller of the horrific, excruciating death and murder of a millionaire, and haunting occurrences that actually happened. The true crime story is depicted the way it really happened and contains photos, testimony, depositions and recollections of real-life people. This true story contains sexual abuse, death, embezzlement, poison, premonitions, and spine-tingling accounts of unexplained phenomena that may seem like the stuff of soap operas.  However, these dastardly deeds and haunting occurrences actually happened.

A Texas Millionaire rancher discovers his wife and bookkeeper have stolen thousands of dollars from him. He demands the money back, but suddenly gets deathly ill after eating lunch with his wife and bookkeeper. He dies in the hospital from a mysterious and unknown illness that mystifies doctors. An anonymous caller notifies the police of arsenic poisoning.

The millionaire's ex-wife and mother of his only children becomes a sleuth to help solve his murder. A bottle of arsenic is found in a storage locker. Can the ex-wife now trace this poison back to the murderer?

About the Author
Jeannie Walker is pleased to announce that her debut book "Fighting the Devil" was selected as 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist in True Crime. Jennie is an Award Winning Author, Award Winning Songwriter and freelance writer.
Jeannie studied creative writing in New York and Connecticut and is a member of the International Association of Writers.
She is an avid reader of mystery novels and the ex-wife of a murdered man (for whom I wrote "Fighting the Devil" to speak for him as he no longer has a voice).

The Website of Jeannie Walker has a lot of background information to the true crime the book is based on next to excerpts of the book and tons of reviews.

Link to Jeannie Walker's Website

Jeannie Walker on Twitter: @JeannieWalker1

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