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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Featured Indie Book: There Will Your Heart Be (Susan Marie Graham)

There Will Your Heart Be (Susan Marie Graham)Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: New Adult Historical Christian Fiction There Will Your Heart Be by Susan Marie Graham.

There Will Your Heart Be is set against a backdrop of WW2, it's an exploration of the topic of forgiveness from three points of view. First, can you forgive someone who's done something heinous to you? Second, can you forgive someone who's hurt someone you love? And third, can you forgive yourself?

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 410 pages - released in March 2021.

About the Book

A New-Adult love story about redemption and the power of God's grace.

It's 1944. All Annalaura wants is to get through college, marry Eddie, and settle into a "normal" life. But World War 2 is ablaze, and Eddie is sent overseas. 

Annalaura takes a break from missing him by attending a New Year's Eve celebration, and her life is forever altered when she suffers a physical assault.

Now, with a broken spirit and an unwanted pregnancy, all she can do is go away. She leaves her life, her family, and Eddie behind. It's better for them that way, isn't it?

Annalaura is left starting her life over, on her own, separated from everything she loves.  And she almost thinks she can make it. Until she's confronted with Jesus' command to forgive when her attacker resurfaces, looking for absolution. But is it possible to forgive the unforgivable? Annalaura doesn't think so. Instead, she sets out to remake herself and seize the opportunity for revenge.

There Will Your Heart Be (Susan Marie Graham)
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About the Author

Author Susan Marie Graham
Author Susan Marie Graham

Susan Marie Graham
 left a corporate career to pursue writing. 

She writes about Christian characters for Christians in the New Adult category, although this story would be at home in Young Adult and Women's fiction.

She lives in Tennessee with her husband and cat. There Will Your Heart Be is the author's debut novel. 

Currently writing a series based on The Fruit of the Spirit.

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There Will Your Heart Be (Susan Marie Graham)

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