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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Why your Book needs a Book Trailer!


Book marketing is one of the biggest challenges for authors. Most are usually unsure on what steps they need to take, and what is necessary and vital to their book’s success. One of the key components to an author’s book marketing strategy is the use of a Book Trailer.

With the increased use of multi and social media, Book Trailers have been up and coming over the past couple of years, and have increased in popularity among both authors and readers. Writers increasingly see the value in offering Book Trailers to their current and potential readers, and are eager to let this medium help them expand their fan base and sales of their books.

Most blockbusters movies have a trailer. So why not apply the same concept when promoting a book in order to let the potential reader gain valuable insight into the book’s content, while ultimately supporting the author in reaching a broader audience?

THE FLIP – by bestselling author Michael Phillip Cash -
Book Trailer by LoewenHerz-Creative

Many authors decide to give a DIY Trailer a try, only to find out that the acquisition of stock images and music is simply out of their budget. Sites offering the production of Book Trailers are even more expensive, most demanding a steep $250 or higher for a 1 to 2 minute clip.

In response to an increasing demand for a truly affordable alternative, Yvonne Jones founded LoewenHerz-Creative™, a small motion graphics design firm specializing in the promotion of books of all genres with the production of exciting and innovative Book Trailers.

“I created a couple of Trailers for two of my award-winning and bestselling author friends and realized that I really enjoyed the process of producing them,” says Jones. “Over the past couple of years, I have been able to work with wonderful authors and publishing companies, and created an extensive portfolio of trailers. Most of my clients have been referrals from satisfied writers. I simply love to be able to combine my passion with helping fellow authors promote their work!”

THE IMPATIENT LITTLE VACUUM – by bestselling author Yvonne Jones –
Book Trailer by LoewenHerz-Creative

Book Trailers are transforming the way readers choose their books. Books with Trailers receive increased search engine visibility and generate more buzz on social networks. They represent a visual teaser that engages new audiences in a fun and exciting way.

Videos are quickly becoming the most popular form of information sharing.

Videos are quickly becoming the most popular form of information sharing. YouTube alone has grown tremendously over the last few years. People love to see videos on all types of subjects.

NOCTURNE – by Scheherazade -
Book Trailer by LoewenHerz-Creative

Selling a book is hard as competition is fierce. Book Trailers can give authors and their books an affordable and competitive edge. The use of motion graphics for a book’s promotion may be a fairly new concept, but they truly work when done well.


Affordable, exciting, and beautiful Trailers will enhance an author’s brand and the opportunity to increase sales by combining visual and stunning images with text and narration to their title and will help it stand out from the rest.

LoewenHerz-Creative promotes books of all genres with the production and promotion of exciting and innovative Book Trailers. Every book trailer is uniquely created with its very own style – a style created and influenced by the author and by the book itself.

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