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Friday, May 28, 2021

New Indie Book Release: The Pond (Julie Seering)

New Indie Book Release: 
The Pond - Julie Seering
Psychological Thriller (211 Pages - April 2021)

The Pond is about a mother and daughter’s journey to healing after a family tragedy. 

About the Book

The Pond (Julie Seering)After the death of her husband, Kathy leaves her hometown of Columbus for a small town in the middle of nowhere. Little does she know it will change her life forever.

Overwhelmed by grief, her daughter Anne has become distant and isolated. Having just lost her beloved Joseph, Kathy is not about to lose her daughter. Desperate to reconnect, she takes her on a countryside road trip. Everything seems to be returning to normal until they come upon a little town called Centerville and an abandoned cabin in the woods that Kathy feels mysteriously drawn to. Convincing Anne they need a change of scenery, Kathy buys the cabin. 

Almost immediately, odd things begin to happen. It starts with hearing strange noises. It continues with unmade beds being found made; then faces of strangers acquiring sinister expressions. This much, she chalks up to stress and imagination. But when Kathy starts to hallucinate seeing her dead husband, it causes her to doubt her own sanity. The final straw comes when she stumbles onto a hidden pond in the woods. 

It looks so peaceful. She will soon learn it holds secrets inconceivably frightening. Mother and daughter are in a psychological battle—the fight for their very lives.

About the Author

Author Julie Seering
Author Julie Seering
Julie Seering
 was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has had a love of the arts since the beginning. In grade school, she wrote holiday skits for her classes to perform. All throughout high school she attended art, music, and drama classes. 

After graduating from Owen Valley High School, located in a small town named Spencer, Indiana, Julie returned to Indianapolis. There, she graduated from Marion University. It was not until she got her bachelor’s degree in Project Management that she reconnected with her love of reading and writing. 

As an avid fan of Stephen King, she decided to sit down and start writing this book. That was 30 years ago as life got in the way. It took living alone in DC in 2018 to rekindle her spirit for writing. 

It has been a long road, but she has finally finished her book.

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