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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Featured Indie Book: Hidden in the Heart (Beth Andrews)

Hidden in the Heart (Beth Andrews)

Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Mystery / (Regency) Romance Novel Hidden in the Heart by Beth Andrews.

Hidden in the Heart is a light-hearted Regency romance with a strong dash of mystery and adventure. It's written in a tone of light irony and wit throughout.

The Book has been published via Joffe Books and is available as eBook - 168 pages - released in March 2021.

About the Book

Lydia Bramwell's older sister is going to London for the social season, in the hope of catching a wealthy and titled husband. Poor Lydia is packed off to her Aunt Camilla in rural Sussex. 

Expecting a dull visit in the quiet village of Diddlington, Lydia is unprepared for what follows. Her aunt's romance with a most unsuitable Frenchman is entertaining enough, but then comes a shocking crime and a swarm of malicious gossip. 

Enlisting the aid of her new friend, John Savidge, Lydia is determined to discover the truth. 

But their dangerous adventure will lead to some unexpected developments which will change their lives forever.

Hidden in the Heart (Beth Andrews)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "A delightful read with entertaining characters throughout. Far from a “traditional” storyline. Interesting point of view. While it wasn’t difficult to solve the minor parts of the mystery, the story telling itself was totally enjoyable and entertaining!" - Kris (Amazon)

- "Beth Andrews successfully writes a period era mystery that maintains focus and setting and characters throughout. Holmes would be impressed with the logic supported by clues that keeps the reader engaged . . .and this reader is looking forward to reading more by Beth Andrews. Well done, Beth."  - B. Kiley

- "Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading a recency mystery/romance." - Kindle Customer (Amazon)

- "Hidden in the Heart, by Beth Andrews, is a charming Regency romance with a very likeable pair of protagonists. Our heroine is a 17 year old girl who is considered an extra expense at her sister's come out.[...[" - Modern Woman (Amazon)

About the Author

Author Beth Andrews
Author Beth Andrews
Beth Andrews
 (the pseudonym of Paul Bethel) is a native of The Bahamas. Beth learned to read at an early age and began to write almost as soon as she could hold a pencil. Her first job was on the editorial staff of a local newspaper, where she also edited two books produced by their printing section. It was an invaluable experience. She's been an accountant at a furniture store, office manager of a natural health clinic, and assistant manager at a music store, among other misadventures. 

Having discovered Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen in her late teens, she thought she might try her hand at writing tales set in the Regency period. Publishers took notice and she earned her first check for a short story. Novels soon followed, and she is now working on her seventh book. 

Apart from fiction, she also writes (under her real name) articles and essays for Jane Austen's Regency World magazine and occasional short stories and silly song lyrics. 

In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, the beach, and singing in her local church.

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Hidden in the Heart (Beth Andrews)

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