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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

New Indie Book Release: You Don't Want To Get Married (Latesha Kellam)

New Indie Book Release: 
You Don't Want To Get Married - Latesha Kellam
Romance (210 Pages - December 2020)

You Don't Want To Get Married is a romance novel about the ups and down of a budding romance. The book follows two lovers throughout their relationship journey.

About the Book

You Don't Want To Get Married (Latesha Kellam)
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Jasmine finally has the chance to work at her dream job after finally completing her Master's Degree in Information Technology. 

She is currently living in Massachusetts but the job is in Virginia. She is struggling to keep her relationship alive with Denzel while achieving her career goals. She loves Denzel, but their relationship has its issues. 

She can't help but wonder if it is time to move on. Denzel refuses to let Jasmine go. She keeps trying to move on with her life without him. Their passion for each other is undeniable. He is convinced she is the love of his life. Denzel desperately wants to prove to Jasmine how much she means to him. Denzel makes a bold move. He is determined to keep Jasmine in his life at all costs. 

Will Jasmine take the opportunity to start her life over or will she give Denzel the chance to prove his love for her? 

Will Denzel and Jasmine get their happy ending?

About the Author

Author Latesha Kellam
Author Latesha Kellam

Latesha Kellam 
is a romance author who writes books inspired by her life experiences. 

She published her debut novel, The Match Disaster in the beginning of 2020. 

Her first novel received glowing reviews and she has since been working on her trilogy titled, "You Don't Want...".  

She is definitely an author with many fascinating stories to tell.

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