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Monday, March 01, 2021

Featured Indie Book: The Mass of Men (Rachel K. Wentz)

The Mass of Men (Rachel K. Wentz)Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Action/Adventure Novel The Mass of Men by Rachel K. Wentz.

The Mass of Men explores the conflicts and bonds among a group of firefighter cadets. The Mass of Men went on to win a silver medal in the Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s Awards. 

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 274 pages - released in October 2013.

About the Book

How are firefighters made? What does it take to enter a burning building and risk your life to save another? The cadets of Class #64 are about to find out.

Under the stern supervision of their instructors, the students struggle against the relentless pace of their training. As each makes the transition from novice to professional, the relationships they develop take on dimensions of their own.

Sam is headstrong and driven, but as the only female in the group, she has the added burden of fitting in. Her situation is further complicated by the deep platonic bond she shares with a fellow cadet and an evolving connection with their commanding officer.

Ty grew up under the heavy hand of an abusive father. But he comes into his own at the academy, in large part because of the friendship he shares with Sam and the mentoring he receives from a most unlikely source.

The Mass of Men (Rachel K. Wentz)
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And Matt Daniels serves as a rigid disciplinarian over the cadets and staff, yet everything changes when he allows himself the emotional freedom to bond with his students.

Sam, Ty, and Daniels must now navigate an emotional triangle, all the while being bound by the rank structure that defines them.

The Mass of Men takes the reader inside the grueling training of firefighters, revealing the drama, humor, and intensity of an academy. The punishing physical demands are only part of the challenge as the cadets overcome fears and wrestle with conflict, knowing they will one day be responsible for the lives of others.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Reading Mass of Men--an intense, multifaceted novel of firefighter recruit training--I felt as if I were there with the cadets and their instructors, especially with three major characters whose personal stories highlight the challenge and excitement of firefighting. [...]" - K. Russell

- "Looking for that perfect summer read, well look no further. Mass of Men takes you into the life of the brave men and women at the fire fighting academy. Wentz does a great job developing the characters and the relationships forged through their training. Can't wait for the next book to see what happens in the next phase of their journey as firefighters."  - Twinzzmom (Amazon)

- "This book was very well written and totally engrossing to read. The characters were very realistic, although some were very endearing and others were not. Very engaging story." - Howard (Amazon)

About the Author

Author Rachel K. Wentz
Author Rachel K. Wentz
Rachel K. Wentz
 is a former firefighter/paramedic who retired early from the Orlando Fire Department to pursue a PhD in anthropology at Florida State University. 

There, she specialized in bioarcheology and the analysis of human remains, with foci on ancient disease and population health. 

Her research has been featured on the History Channel, the Weather Channel, and numerous radio and television shows. 

She is the author of six other books, all nonfiction. The Mass of Men is her first novel.

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The Mass of Men (Rachel K. Wentz)

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