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Monday, March 08, 2021

Featured Indie Book: The White Field (Douglas Cole)

The White Field (Douglas Cole)

Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Drama/Crime/Literature Novel The White Field by Douglas Cole.

The White Field asks the question: does society really rehabilitate? Or forgive? Or offer those who have suffered incarceration any way back into the world.

The Book has been self-published via TouchPoint Press and is available as eBook, Paperback, and Audiobook - 184 pages - released in September 2020.

About the Book

The White Field is a fast-paced journey of a man, Tom, fresh out of prison and trying desperately to rebuild his life. But he is caught by mysterious, unseen forces beyond his knowledge or control. 

After his release from prison, he is dropped back into the world in the wastelands of the city. In the menial work afforded the underclass, he begins his new life among characters at the edges of society, dwellers of the netherworld such as Raphael, a former cop from Mexicali singing Spanish arias in the mists of the industrial night among drug addicts and crooked cops; Tony, a stoner scholar with an encyclopedic knowledge of history based solely on the intricate study of rock and roll; and Larry, the bloated, abusive manager trapped as much as his workers in a world of tedium and repetition and machines. 

Think, The Three Stooges on acid. Unable to reconnect with what’s left of his family, Tom embarks on a criminal path more harrowing than the one that led him to prison in the first place. Lured in by the nefarious, Thane, he slips into a plan that will leave him with no way back. And with no place left in this world to go but prison, he makes one last run for freedom. 

Will he escape?

The White Field (Douglas Cole)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Author Douglas Cole paints a vivid picture with his poetic and perceptive prose. The story kept me on edge, as I anxiously rooted for the conflicted protagonist to overcome his demons and temptations. A nice blend of hard-knock realism and spiritual mysticism, with numerous colorful characters. Highly recommended." - Jeffrey Campbell

- "There s a realism and a spiritualism here that summons John Updike s classic Rabbit, Run. Rarely will a reader find the grittiness and beauty intertwined so compellingly."  - Mark Spencer, Author of several books including Ghost Walking and Trespassers

- "If you enjoy Le Carre and Hemingway, Douglas Cole's novel, The White Field, will engage your mind and your heart. Here is writing that carries the awake reader into new terrain and taps on the soul for this journey into the self." - Jeff Kamen, Award winning journalist and documentary producer for NPR, NBC, CBS, ABC, and author of Warrior Pups

- "With a poet’s ear, [Cole] records the pulse of a work-a-day life’s tedium and, cogently, that of his narrator who dares to escape it." - Dennis Must, author of Hush Now Don’t Explain

About the Author

Author Douglas Cole
Author Douglas Cole

Douglas Cole
 has published six collections of poetry, a novella called Ghost, and The White Field, a novel. 

His work has appeared in several anthologies as well as many journals, such as The Chicago Quarterly Review, Poetry International, The Galway Review, Bitter Oleander, Louisiana Literature and Slipstream. 

He has been nominated twice for a Pushcart and Best of the Net and received the Leslie Hunt Memorial Prize in Poetry. 

He lives and teaches in Seattle, Washington. 

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The White Field (Douglas Cole)

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