Thursday, February 28, 2019

New Indie Book Release: The Last Tears of a Phoenix (J.P. Cianci)

New Indie Book Release:
The Last Tears of a Phoenix - J.P. Cianci
Paranormal Fantasy (306 Pages - Feburary 2019)

The Last Tears of a Phoenix is a re-imagining of the Phoenix lore that is seldom written about in paranormal novels. In a world full of vampires, read about phoenixes.

About the Book

The Last Tears of a Phoenix (J.P. Cianci)
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If you could Rebirth to lose the pain of the past, would you do it?

Even if it meant losing the joy of the past too?

When eighteen-year-old Dayanara Kenna encounters the resurrecting being, Dorian, she becomes entangled in the fiery world of the phoenix, setting upon a journey to answer the dreaded question that all phoenixes must: To Burn, or not to Burn.

If you loved everything the Mockingjay stood for in The Hunger Games, then get ready for the Phoenix in this fresh new fantasy.

About the Author

J.P. Cianci

When J.P. Cianci isn't toiling away for 12 hours a day in a warehouse, she's spending her nights and weekends writing parnormal fantasy.

Her first novel, "The Last Tears of a Phoenix", has already been adapted into a screenplay and has been reviewed by Hollywood's script hub, The Black List, as both "powerful" and "screen-worthy."

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