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Featured Indie Book: The Last Everything (Frank Kennedy)

The Last Everything (Frank Kennedy)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Young Adult Science Fiction Adventure The Last Everything by Frank Kennedy.

The Last Everything offers a gateway to another universe, back to a place the author created many years ago in my generational science fiction novel, The Father Unbound. I hope readers love the thrill of this chase and leave this tale ready to dive in to the next adventure.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 331 pages - released in November 2018.

About the Book

The Last Everything tells the last eight hours in the life of Jamie Sheridan, a 17-year-old on the run who discovers his life is more than just a lie - he was brought here from a different universe to serve an explosive purpose that is about to come to fruition.

Jamie, whose life in the small town of Albion, Alabama, already left him disillusioned, must now face the shocking reality that people he has known all his life are hunting him down, determined he must die before the clock ticks to zero.

Facing a new, seemingly hopeless reality, Jamie must rely on his only two friends - Sammie and Michael - and a new, dark entity preparing to be born within him.

This action-oriented story takes place almost entirely within eight hours but launches a four-book saga that ensnares two universes.

The Last Everything (Frank Kennedy)
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Review (Excerpt)

- "Take a ride, folks, with this pell-mell tale of a seventeen-year-old plunged into a nightmare of being hunted by his neighbours before discovering vast galactic forces at play, with his death destined. Kennedy, as ever, writes stylishly whilst pushing the story along at a frenetic pace. Probably best read in one sitting." - Andres Kabel

About the Author

Author Frank Kennedy
Author Frank Kennedy
Frank Kennedy has been writing fiction for thirty years, focusing primarily on science fiction and young adult.

Previously a journalist and now a middle-school English teacher, Kennedy has envisioned being a full-time novelist since childhood. He has written numerous manuscripts, but The Last Everything is the third published, behind The Father Unbound (science fiction) and The Savage Clock (alternative history / noir mash-up). He is currently writing the sequel to The Last Everything, which he expects to publish by summer 2019.

He lives in Kannapolis, N.C. with his faithful, 14-year-old dog Misty and vegetable gardens that always need tending.

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The Last Everything (Frank Kennedy)

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