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New Indie Book Release: Juan's Revenge (Frank Kelso)

New Indie Book Release:
Juan's Revenge - Frank Kelso
Western Action/Adventure (283 Pages - February 2019)

Juan's Revenge continues the saga of 2 Civil veterans, Jeb and Zach, who come home to a border war along the Rio Grande in 1866. The men had intended to go to California to find gold, but they never left Eagle Pass, TX. Instead Jeb is appointed Sheriff by the Governor, where policing the wild and lawless border needs more than one sheriff.

About the Book

Juan's Revenge (Frank Kelso)
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Jeb wants a family. Zach wants to find gold. Juan wants revenge.

Jeb and Zach wanted a normal life after spending 3 years in a Union POW camp. Miguel Cortiña kidnapped a 14-year-old Texas girl, carrying her to Mexico Two Civil War veterans, Jeb & Zach, waded across the Rio to bring her home. They recover the young girl while killing Miguel and his gang in a bloody battle to free her.

Problem is Miguel’s brother, Juan Cortiña, is a General in Mexico—with a 2,500 man Army. Jeb and Zach rescued Jeb’s niece because it was the right thing to do—she was family. But that’s what Miguel’s older brother Juan said, “It’s an insult to my family! To my country!”
“Those gringos cannot come into my country and kill my brother. I’ll have my revenge!”

What chance do Jeb and Zach have against a 2,500 man Army? Who will help them when the U.S. government wants Juarez to defeat the French in Mexico?

Once again, Jeb and Zach face impossible odds, and Jeb’s fresh out of dynamite!

About the Author

Author Frank Kelso
Author Frank Kelso
In his day job, Frank Kelso is a biomedical research scientist.

In the "publish or perish" academic world, Frankwrote sceintific articles and published his research results. He wrote grant applications that generated millions in grants funds for the the institution housing the R&D Center Frank directed.

An NIH Peer reviewer marked on one application "This reads more like science-fiction than science," and a writing career was born. Frank has written 4 full-length novels and edits an anthology of short stories.

His short story, "Tibby's Hideout," won the Will Roger Silver Medallion Award and was a Finalist in the Peacemaker Award from the Western Fictioneers.

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