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New Indie Book Release: Magic Required (HS Paisley)

New Indie Book Release:
Magic Required: A Lochlan Ellyll Novel - HS Paisley
Urban Fantasy (310 Pages - December 2018)

Magic Required: A Lochlan Ellyll Novel is the story of a man trying to find a redemption he doesn't believe he deserves. There are loose ties to Celtic Mythology. The Story comes alive because of its characters. The characters are a mix of ethnic background, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and nationality. They all have stark personalities that you grow to love or hate as the novel pushes towards its conclusion.

About the Book

Magic Required (HS Paisley)
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IN THE YEAR 2047, Lochlan takes the bus to his soul-sucking job answering phones to remain unnoticed. Life is easier that way. Little attachment. Few friends. That means less people caught in the crossfire when he loses control again. The last time he came close to losing it was when he was around Zemila. That was five years ago, just before he disappeared. That was why he disappeared.

He’s good at that. Disappearing. Resettling. Being overlooked.

That is, until the visions started.

Prophetic visions. That’s when he knew the Old World had found him.

These weren’t the fun kind of visions… if there were such a thing. They were the watch-people-die kind, the try-to-stop-it-before-it-happened kind, the maybe-save-some-lives kind.

He thought the visions were his redemption. A redemption he didn’t believe he deserved. When one of them led him to Zemila, he thought it meant he wasn’t a danger to her anymore. That he wasn’t a danger to anyone anymore.

Power attracts enemies. Lochlan thought he’d learned this lesson.

He was wrong. Wrong about the visions. Wrong about everything. And it was going to cost him.

Him and everyone he loved.

About the Author

Author HS Paisley
Author HS Paisley
HS Paisley grew up in Toronto, Canada. At the age of 18, she left her hometown to play basketball for the University of Ottawa. Paisley graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts and three All-Canadian awards to her name.

After university Paisley played one year of professional basketball in Germany. While there, she began to write her first full length novel. In the fall of 2014, Paisley hung up her basketball shoes and went back to school. She spent a year at college before deciding to focus on her writing.

In 2015, Paisley realized she wasn’t done with basketball and started training again. In the fall of 2016, she signed her second professional contract, this time in France. Basketball gave Paisley the freedom to write nearly full time.

Now she is completing her fourth pro season while working on the second installment of the Lochlan Ellyll Series.

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and on Twitter: @hspaisley

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