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Featured Indie Book: Full Circle (E. E. Kellogg)

Full Circle (E. E. Kellogg)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: (Small Town) Romance Novel Full Circle by E. E. Kellogg.

Full Circle is a story of family, love, romance, community, and food, set in small-town and rural Maine. Spanning a decade, Full Circle is the first novel in the Seasons’ Turn series. A book full of decent people, holiday feasts and family tables, long-standing traditions, family friendships lasting generations. The lives of those who live with Nature up close. Mistakes and revelations, loves and deaths and romances.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 413 pages - released in December 2018.

About the Book

Haven Point sits at the tip of one of the peninsulas along Maine’s Bold Coast – the landscape is beautiful, but life there can be as hard as Maine winters.

When Seth Greenlaw ’s father dies, the 17-year-old needs all his determination to keep his brilliant 12-year-old brother out of foster care, and see him into college. Good thing he has plenty of it.

Gwen Hardie, the headstrong, red-haired girl next door, cooks like nobody’s business, and calls Seth her favorite ‘brother.’ Seth’s feelings for her are not brotherly, but what he wants for himself has to go on the back burner, and Gwen is sent to college in Boston. There, she finds the new life – and the opportunities – her parents want for her.

But tragedy strikes, and, heartsick and homesick, Gwen returns to Haven Point. Will Seth find the words to tell her how passionately he’s always loved her? He’s used to keeping his secret. If he does, can Gwen come to see him as something more than her best-beloved brother?

Or will the revelation wreck the closeness they both depend on?

Full Circle (E. E. Kellogg)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "A story you'll love, widely varying characters you'll care about. Lots of love - family, romantic. Lots of food at family tables and details of holiday feasts. A heart-warming family saga. [...]"

About the Author

Author E. E. Kellogg
Author E. E. Kellogg
E. E. Kellogg has been writing informally since grade school, and professionally for over ten years.

Full Circle is her debut novel.

She currently resides in a small town in Maine, and has lived in New York City, New Jersey, and New Orleans.

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Full Circle (E. E. Kellogg)

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