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New Indie Book Release: Silkworm (Kevin Land Patrick)

New Indie Book Release:
Silkworm - Kevin Land Patrick
Techno-Thriller (265 Pages - December 2018)

Silkworm is about Elle, the main protagonist, who is afflicted by stunning looks and an analytical mind that isolate her from social contact and stereotype her, she is wed to and passionate toward her country, job and sense of moral boundaries on how to combat terrorism.

About the Book

Silkworm (Kevin Land Patrick)
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Manipulation for altruistic gain masks greed. Terrorists have committed the unthinkable, nuclear and conventional attacks on the world’s vulnerable infrastructure. A group so powerful that many of the events of the last half-century may be tied to them. Elle Hardwick isn’t the standard CIA operative and her means and methods aren’t conventional. She won’t stop in her hunt for them across the globe and ultimately into the White House.

1987, the “Tanker War” escalates in the Gulf as the Iran-Iraq War moves into its 7th year. Tankers and their escorts are attacked, crashing the world’s markets. Black Monday. 2010, the unexplained Flash Crisis nearly triggers a global recession. And two years ago, nuclear terrorism against America’s vulnerable water and electrical infrastructure triggers recession and massive loss of life. Now, an attack by a rogue North Korean artillery base decimates Seoul. All the attacks are traced to one organization, led by men who hide in plain sight.

As the attacks escalate, the world’s intelligence agencies are infiltrated, compromised. For Elle Hardwick, an CIA officer unconventional in every way, the solution is simple, assemble trusted team members and go dark from Langley before the group launches an attack that will push the world into economic ruin. Hours are all that Elle has as she hunts them across the globe and ultimately into the White House.

About the Author

Author Kevin Land Patrick
Author Kevin Land Patrick
Kevin Land Patrick is a prominent water attorney, highly requested international speaker on water law and water infrastructure, and an acclaimed author of several non-fiction works and three action-packed thrillers. As lead counsel on more than forty appellate cases, he has appeared before many state supreme courts, federal courts, and the US Supreme Court. Known for his meticulously thought-out and well-researched plots, Kevin’s novels — Threatened Waters, Unholy Alliances, and Silkworm — are fast-paced and gripping. His work has been praised in literary circles and exclusively receive 4 and 5-star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads. Brian’s Book Blog listed his titles among the best in action-thrillers.

Growing up overseas as the son of a US Intelligence Officer, Kevin has a deep appreciation of different cultures and historical events that shape our world. When he isn’t reading or writing novels, he enjoys life as an avid Outdoorsman, Divemaster, fly-fisherman, chef, and wine connoisseur with a penchant for travel. He does his best writing in the Arizona desert and at home on his horse ranch outside of Aspen, Colorado, which he shares with his wife – an accomplished furniture designer and creator, his college-aged son, and a Goldendoodle named Jack Bowrrr.

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