Monday, June 04, 2018

New Indie Book Release: Master of Hounds (C.Steven Manley)

New Indie Book Release:
Master of Hounds - C.Steven Manley
Dark Urban Fantasy (380 Pages - May 2018)

Master of Hounds is a dark urban fantasy with a thriller twist - filled with magic, monsters, secret societies, and dark conspiracies.

"C. Steven Manley spins a pretty darned good tale about the darkness of evil and the powers of magic and mysticism. [...] I enjoyed the book because it was a good story and the author didn't let me down at the end." - Reader Review

About the Book

Master of Hounds (C.Steven Manley)
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Clint Mercer is about to get a crash course in magic.

After he barely survives an attack on the hospital where he works, Clint is quickly recruited by the brilliant but often unstable wizard, Arlo Dandridge.

Working on behalf of the mysterious Pickman Institute, the two men soon find themselves in a race to recover an ancient relic of deadly power before a centuries old warlock and his cult of militant followers can beat them to it.

With the lives of an entire city on the line, failure is not an option.

About the Author

Author C.Steven Manley
Author C.Steven Manley

C.Steven Manley has been and done a variety of things but through it all he was a writer.

Nowadays, he lives in the wilds of Huntsville, Alabama and tries in vain to keep up with his kids while scribbling down the products of his imagination.

He is the author of The Paragons Trilogy, The Pickman Files Urban Fantasy Series, and The Brace Cordova Space Opera Series.

Connect with C.Steven Manley via the Author's Website
and on Twitter: @cstevenmanley

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