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New Indie Book Release: Orope -The White Snake (Guenevere Lee)

New Indie Book Release:
Orope -The White Snake - Guenevere Lee
Historical Fantasy (286 Pages - March 2018)

Orope -The White Snake explores a world in decline, at the end of the Bronze Age, and the attempts by some to turn to the gods to stop the oncoming apocalypse.

"Very beautiful descriptions, interesting characters. A little violent. The time period is well researched and feels real. Love the maps." - Reader Review

About the Book

Orope -The White Snake (Guinevere Lee)
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The Whisperers of the Gods have seen the vision – the gods will destroy the world in a flood because people have corrupted and forgotten the old ways . Three are chosen, Tersh, Kareth, and Sha’di, to go out and warn the world: the gods must be appeased.

In Orope – the White Snake Tersh must leave her children and travel to Matawe, the kingdom in the mountains. She must also care for Kareth and keep him out of trouble. Kareth, told since birth that he is destined for greatness, has been expecting this moment. Certain that he is ready, he quickly discovers that his confidence and curiosity have a tendency to lead him into dangerous situations. Sha’di finds himself travelling alone to find the people of the jungle, the Petzuhallpa. The jungle seems like a paradise, until he discovers the darker rituals practiced within.

Samaki is a merchant who returns to Mahat to find his home destroyed, his father dead, and no one to buy his expensive cargo. With his first mate Tiyharqu, the merchant struggles to move forward after his entire world has been upended. The stories of these four travellers intersect and entwine with each other as they move towards their destinations. Guided by visions the Whisperers must use their wits to survive in these strange new lands that would rather use them as political pawns than listen to their warnings.

About the Author

Author Guinevere Lee
Author Guinevere Lee
Guenevere Lee has spent a lifetime interested in the Bronze Age, devouring any book or documentary she could get her hands on, as well as inventing languages and drawing maps in her journals when she was supposed to be listening in class.

Inevitably the Bronze Age seeped into her journals, and the world of Orope began to form. Having lived and worked in Canada, England, and Japan, and travelled around the world, her experiences learning different cultures, religions, and languages are the basis for the Whisperers journey.

She currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

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