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New Indie Book Release: The Journey of Atlantis-Leaving Home (Jeff Knoblauch)

New Indie Book Release:
The Journey of Atlantis-Leaving Home - Jeff Knoblauch
Science-Fiction (220 Pages - September 2016)

The Journey of Atlantis-Leaving Home is about a chance discovery by a two astronomers that turn Earth upside down with the worst kind of news possible: The solar system as we know it only has 84 years to live!

"A must-read story of an epic mass exodus that combines apocalyptic catastrophe, space exploration and colonization of a new world all in one book!"

About the Book

The Journey of Atlantis-Leaving Home (Jeff Knoblauch)
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“So how long do we have? Please tell me in a billion years or so.” John asked in a pleading voice.

“84years.” Albert hated saying that. He had only said it a few times and repeating it did not make it less painful to say.

“But there is no protocol for this,” John announced. “There is no way that the governments of this planet will get together in less than a thousand years for any one project of the magnitude that you are implying.”
  • What would you do if you had to pick up suddenly and leave home? What if Earth was the home you had to leave?
  • When the people of Earth learn that there is a plan that can only save one percent of the population, who goes and who stays to meet the doom headed for Earth?
  • Follow this epic human journey of perseverance and determination. Will Earth complete the ship needed to take them to another world in time?
  • A faster than light engine must be developed to reach even the nearest stars.
  • The creation of a true artificial intelligent machine has been very helpful to the desperate humans. But does it have another motive?
  • Will the factions that have sprung up to stop the Project succeed in their plans? How will the consortium guide humanity to colonize a new home in time?

About the Author

Author Jeff Knoblauch
Author Jeff Knoblauch

Jeff Knoblauch was born and raised in Missouri. About the most ‘middle’ of the Midwest as you can get.

He has worked for over 25 years at a children’s hospital in the laboratory as a toxicology chemist. Science had always fascinated the author. He watched A LOT of Sci-Fi and this progressed into reading LOTS and LOTS of books.

His favorite authors of the time are Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clark, and Isaac Asimov.

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