Friday, December 16, 2016

New Indie Book Release: Allfather Saga - Time's Orphans (C.K. Sheldon)

New Indie Book Release:
Allfather Saga: Time's Orphans - C.K. Sheldon
Fantasy Thriller / Science-Fiction (311 Pages - October 2016)

Enigma: What Lies Beneath is a science fiction/fantasy and thriller delight. What happens when humanity’s greatest mysteries are no longer a secret?

- "An interesting twist on our history with a fantastical future SciFi setting [...] keeps you engrossed in the wide ranging plot." - Reader Review

About the Book

Allfather Saga - Time's Orphans (C.K. Sheldon)
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The Mysterious Allfathers And The Secrets Of Humanity Are Revealed At Last

The Greatest Mystery of Humanity On Merka, Known Long Ago As America..
The Incredible Origins Of All That We Hold Dear...

It's All Now Revealed...

The king is dead, long live the queen. Pregnant and widowed, Queen Eliza is the prime suspect in her husband’s murder—and that’s not the worst of her problems. A signal from an Earth ship is heard. The Allfathers lost contact with Earth long ago. The conquering nations and houses of Merka are caught in an escalating global war. But someone is pulling all the strings. The people could always feel, and knew in their hearts and minds that there were always forces running the show behind the scenes. The leaders have now found out that their suspicions were true. Someone was nudging humanity over the centuries. That someone in one part of the world is Mark.

Mark is an Allfather, one of a group of immortals from Earth long ago. Genetically enhanced and ageless, Mark has been quietly guiding humanity’s development on the colony planet. But not every Allfather is so benign. On the other side of the planet, another Allfather wants to unify the factions of Merka at any cost. Queen Eliza, Mark, and the people of Merka must decide where their allegiances lie. Blood will spill, secrets will blow up, and humanity itself may not survive. Not on Merka, and not on Earth

About the Author

C.K. Sheldon loves to make up stories and write them down. He's been doing it for years. Thanks to Amazon the author published this amazing science-fiction series with the help of a couple of fantastic editors.
In his free time he enjoys reading, wandering all over the U.S. or sleeping.

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