Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Indie Book Release: Filthy Witch and Dead Famous (Pearl Goodfellow)

New Indie Book Release:
Filthy Witch and Dead Famous - Pearl Goodfellow
Paranormal Cozy Mystery (186 Pages - December 2016)

Filthy Witch and Dead Famous is a cozy mystery, wrapped in a comedy fantasy, shrouded in paranormal suspense.

"Ms. Goodfellow displays a flair for comedy and an understated grasp of the dynamics of cozy mysteries that melds beautifully with the unique setting. [...] Check this one out!" - Reader Review

The eBook is on sale for a limited time: 99 Cents !

About the Book

Filthy Witch and Dead Famous (Pearl Goodfellow)
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Nebula Dreddock has been murdered. Most would say the actress had it coming, but that’s beside the point. Nobody deserves to die this way. Even if it happens to be Gless Inlet’s most bitch...ahem... witch-iest A-lister.

Portia Fearwyn, Nebula's crotchety old neighbor, seems the most likely suspect: the pair share some bad blood, after all. But, what about Cressida Dreddock, Nebula's mad-as-a-hatter twin? With multiple escapes from Midnight Hill asylum, it’s soon clear that Nebula’s crazy sister does, in fact, have an even crazier motive to want her famous twin dead.

Reluctant witch, and practicing herbalist, Hattie Jenkins is drawn into the case as herbal consultant. But, wherever Hattie is, her eight (insufferably) immortal black cats aren’t far behind.

Will Hattie and her fuzzy sidekicks uncover the famous actress' murderer before yet another untimely death takes place? And, can Hattie pull it off without having to engage with her inner sorceress?

Join Hattie and The Infiniti as they race against the clock to unravel the clues!

About the Author

Author Pearl Goodfellow
Author Pearl Goodfellow
Pearl Goodfellow lives in Toronto, Canada with her lazy ginger tom, Charley-Farley.

Raised in the mystical, magical, majestical Westcountry of England, Pearl draws her inspiration from the legion of historical sites to be found in that beloved part of the world. She believes that history is romantic. And also mysterious. Which would explain her passion for Romantic Mystery!

She wholeheartedly believes there's magic at work in the heart of the universe.

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