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Monday, November 03, 2014

Featured Indie Book: Rhuna - Keeper of Wisdom (Barbara Underwood)

Rhuna - Keeper of Wisdom (Barbara Underwood)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Fantasy Novel Rhuna - Keeper of Wisdom by Barbara Underwood.

Rhuna - Keeper of Wisdom is a historic Fantasy novel set in an idyllic utopian society, not unlike the Atlantis myth, and follows the adventures of the title character, Rhuna.

The Book has been self-published via Xlibris and is available as eBook and Paperback - 286 pages - released in July 2014.

About the Book

A series of extraordinary events unfold after the young girl discovers the startling truth about her father and the enemy that caused his demise known as The Dark Master.

She also learns that she has inherited special magic-like powers, including transforming elements such as stone into metal and metal into gold.

As Rhuna struggles with her newfound abilities, her beloved homeland is thrust into chaos, threatened by her father's old nemesis.

In the midst of the unfolding cataclysm, Rhuna must find her extraordinary destiny and the courage to stop The Dark Master from destroying everything and everyone that she loves.

Rhuna - Keeper of Wisdom (Barbara Underwood)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "This book is very well researched and convincing. I loved the author's writing style as she has a way of creating a wonderful atmosphere that totally drew me in. It kept me absorbed in the world of the characters.[...]" - Sarah Knight

- "Full of details and background knowledge about ancient cultures, all woven into fantasy and yet feeling so real, a story evolves capturing all aspects of a good book:
thrill and brilliance, love and hate and the never ending battle between good and evil. And Barbara Underwood managed to take my imagination onto another fantastic journey [...]"
- Susanna Amburga

- "I would read any book from this author, because of her style and the way she tells a story. This story is interesting, fascinating and very well written. [...] Well done!" - Erika Szabo

- "This is a great story indeed! You can tell all the time and research that went into the wonderful story and the way Barbara Underwood puts everything down on paper to tell such a fantastic story was quite a treat for me. I loved the characters Rhuna and Tozar and would spend many more hours reading Barbara Underwood's fantastic stories!" - Angie Blake

About the Author

Author Barbara Underwood
Author Barbara Underwood
Barbara Underwood was born and raised in Sydney, Australia; the only child of German migrants who provided a rich and diverse childhood environment. Already in third grade she wrote a short children's book for a class project and realized that she was deeply satisfied with creating stories. In sixth grade, for another class project, her teacher was so impressed by the lengthy story she submitted, that he commented at the end "I see we are going to have another author".

Over the years Barbara kept writing one thing or another, but only as a hobby while she pursued other interests and goals. In the 1990s, she completed a correspondence course in professional writing, doing it in her spare time after work. This led to having a few short stories published, but what she really wanted to do was write a proper novel.

At this time, Barbara had traveled extensively and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in subjects that held special appeal for her, namely ancient history, myths and legends (such as Atlantis, the builders of megaliths around the world), folklore (the belief that a god-like race gave mankind its technology), human psychology and the culture of other countries. What better subject for her first novel than to combine all these elements into one big adventure!

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Rhuna - Keeper of Wisdom (Barbara Underwood)

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