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Monday, March 31, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Today's a Great Day to Quit Cigarettes (Angie Johnston)

New Indie Book Release:
Today's a Great Day to Quit Cigarettes - Angie Johnston
Non-Fiction / Health - (110 pages - January 2014)

Today's a Great Day to Quit Cigarettes is an interactive work book aimed at all learning styles which includes videos, reading, writing and listening with the aim to lock in all the learnings at the unconscious level which is where all change happens.

About the Book

Today's a Great Day to Quit Cigarettes (Angie Johnston)
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Have you tried almost everything on the market to quit cigarettes and still can't quit? Frustrated and weak that you can't stick to your New Year's Resolution of quitting smoking? Worried about your health or your financial situation but still can't stop the habit?

It doesn’t matter if you have smoked for 30+ years or two. It doesn’t matter if you smoke two a day or thirty. It doesn’t matter if you think you can quit right now or not, or are feeling a little unsure of yourself, today is a great day to quit cigarettes.

You can quit permanently and you can quit regardless of how many reasons why you think you might want to smoke.

Do you answer yes to some of these?
• Are you finding it harder to breathe? Your fitness isn’t what it used to be. You’re not keeping up with the kids anymore and getting out of breath quicker
• You really want to stop but it just seems like you have used all your willpower up
• You can't stand the smell and don’t like the look of other smokers
• You are secretly wondering how you are going to cope without them, what you will do with your hands or whether you will gain weight or not.

In this comprehensive e-book you will learn some very controversial truths about:
• Why it's impossible to quit by cutting down
• How much involvement the government has in every cigarette you smoke
• How you can access your powerful unconscious mind and programme it to do anything you want
• How you can have no side-effects of cigarettes
• When you realise this one simple fact, you wonder why you didn’t see it all along
• How easy it is to quit once you see cigarettes and the smoking habit for what it really is
• The lies and untold stories

"Now you can kick your habit in the butt!"

About the Author

Author Angie Johnston
Author Angie Johnston
Angie Johnston's mission in life is to put easy yet powerfully effective tools in people's hands so they can live rewarding lives.

A mother of 2 with a passion in health and wellbeing, Angie started her business in 2007 supporting people to resolve issues, take control and get results.

A certified Trainer of Neuro Linguisitc Programming (NLP), Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Coach, Angie has successfully empowered hundreds of smokers to quit, free gamblers from the trap, support people with anxiety and depression to rise above, take control and live a more rewarding life.

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