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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Donor 23 (Cate Campbell Beatty)

New Indie Book Release:
Donor 23 - Cate Campbell Beatty
Young Adult Dystopian Thriller - (378 pages - December 2013)

Paced at breakneck speed, Donor 23's storyline is a highly palatable science fiction suspense thriller. But the novel's real power comes in its thematic exploration of how inane social biases can mean the difference between prosperity and poverty, and in some cases life and death.

About the Book

Donor 23 (Cate Campbell Beatty)
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A nation called the Alliance rises out of the destruction of a massive asteroid impact. As disease decimates the world’s survivors, the Alliance gains strength due to its mandatory organ donor system, which forces the lower caste, “donors,” to give up their organs—even to the point of death.

Seventeen-year-old Joan, a gifted athlete, is the personal donor of the pampered daughter of the ruling Governor. Although brainwashed by the Alliance, Joan harbors a glimmer of inner freedom. But whatever dreams Joan may have come to a crashing halt when she learns her next donation will be her last. The Governor’s daughter wants the foremost cause of Joan’s superior health and exceptional athleticism: her heart.

No pleas or bargains can be made. Alone, Joan must flee and become one of the hunted, For Joan, the trials of facing these physical dangers not only awaken her long suppressed sense of self as she fights to survive and heal after years of government indoctrination, but they provoke even greater challenges. All the while she struggles to conceal a secret that threatens to unravel any hope for a life in her newfound freedom.

Donor 23 is WINNER of The 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival Best Young Adult novel; Awarded FIVE STARS by The San Francisco Book Review; FOUR STARS by ForeWord Reviews, and a "STARRED" Review from BlueInk Reviews.

About the Author

Author Cate Campbell Beatty
Author Cate Campbell Beatty
Cate Campbell Beatty is married and the mom of two. She is an attorney and lives in Los Angeles.

A native Angeleno, Cate graduated from UCLA (Go Bruins!).

For many years, Cate worked for a non-profit representing those unable to afford an attorney. She was a lead attorney in a prominent lawsuit, leading to changes in California state laws regarding health insurance. Cate currently practices law in Beverly Hills.

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