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Friday, December 26, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Shadow Beast (Luke Phillips)

New Indie Book Release:
Shadow Beast - Luke Phillips
Horror / Thriller (285 pages - December 2014)

Shadow Beast is a contemporary horror/thriller cross-over with a good old-fashioned monster story at its heart. It is also a real-world novel. The creature is flesh and blood, and the author been on the ground in the places it roams.

About the Book

Shadow Beast (Luke Phillips)
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It is a dark moonless night in the Highlands of Scotland. A lorry slowly navigates the twists and turns of the loch-side road as rain begins to pelt against the windscreen. It is the early hours of the morning and the road is empty. The driver wipes his eyes and winds down the window to let the air and rain revive him. As he rounds a bend, he catches a glimpse of something sleek and black pulling the carcass of a deer into the undergrowth. He feels a shiver run down his spine and winds the window back up. He tells no-one.

When evidence of a remarkable predator is discovered in the Highlands of Scotland, Thomas Walker finds himself confronted with his past and a creature the likes of which he had never wanted to face again. As its devastating rampage goes unchecked and threatens his home, the woman he loves and his very way of life, an older and much more human adversary seeks him out.

How long had it surveyed Glen Cannich from the mountainside and how long would they survive its presence?

About the Author

Author Luke Phillips
Author Luke Phillips
Luke Phillips has had a passion for wildlife since childhood. Whilst spending family holidays on the shores of Loch Ness as a child, his imagination was caught by the stories of the monster within its depths. Having later studied as a zoologist, his writing has always been inspired by the darker side of our unnatural history.

From trekking through California looking for Bigfoot to camping out in the Highlands on the trail of real-life reported big cats, Luke has strayed from the mainstream into the eerie world of cryptozoology. There, truth may well be stranger and far scarier than fiction.

Luke lives in the West Kent town of Sevenoaks in the UK. Shadow Beast is his first novel, despite being encouraged by teachers and readers alike to write something. He now plans to continue doing so.

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and on Twitter: @SouthEastScribe.

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