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Monday, October 14, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Rise of the Dead Magic (Matt Grawitch)

New Indie Book Release:
Rise of the Dead Magic (Three Wizards Chronicles)- Matt Grawitch
Fantasy (394 Pages - September 2013)

Rise of the Dead Magic is the first of a series of books that grew out of bedtime stories that the author told his own girls. It blends the fantasy world of magic with real world locations and history. Lastly, both male and female characters are the main focus of the book (the Three Wizards are all girls - sisters, to be precise), making it attractive to both audiences within the middle grade/young adult fantasy audience.

About the Book

Rise of the Dead Magic (Matt Grawitch)
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Since the dawn of time, there has existed a source of power outside the natural world. Few people know of its existence, and fewer still have the power to control it.

That source of power is the power of magic. Magic is used in the service of peace and order - Light Magic. But magic is also used in the service of evil and chaos - Dead Magic. And a small group of wizards walk among us. Nikko - sparked with the Fire Magic - became the Teacher and Protector of the Wizards of Light Magic after his mentor, Burgess, was killed. It is the Teacher and Protector's job to train and lead the Three Wizards, and it was Nikko's job to find the next set of warriors that would battle the Dead Magic. The Three Wizards came in the form of three sisters: Summer was sparked with the Earth Magic, Jolie was sparked with the Wind Magic, and Reece was sparked with the Water Magic. Together, Nikko and the Three Wizards must work together to defend the natural world - our world - from the Wizard of the Dead Magic. Will they be strong enough to save the natural world from an army of goblins, trolls, skeletons, and other minions of the dead magic?

To do so, they must learn to harness the power of the magic. They must acquire magical artifacts. And they must ally themselves with natural and supernatural creatures.

Otherwise, the natural world will be destroyed...

About the Author

Author Matt Grawitch
Author Matt Grawitch
Matt Grawitch grew up in the Midwestern U.S. as the youngest of eleven children. Reading was a way to escape the hectic pace of life. He was always drawn to fantasy novels, an interest he passed along to his two daughters. They inspired him to transform bedtime stories into "Rise of the Dead Magic," the first book of the Three Wizards Chronicles.

In his "other" life, Matt received a Ph.D. in Psychology from Saint Louis University, and currently serves as a faculty member there. He uses the power of storytelling to motivate his students to do their part to create a better tomorrow.

Though he has numerous publications, this book is Matt Grawitch's debut novel.

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