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Monday, October 14, 2013

Indie Author Interview: J.D. Rivera

Indie Author Interview with J.D. Rivera. - Author of the Contemporary Romance Guarded.

J.D. Rivera. lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two boys. Her life consists of school projects, homework, cartoon shows, and little league sports. She loves Diet Mountain Dew, the OKC Thunder, costume jewelry, the beach, and reading.

Interview with J.D. Rivera.

Interview with Author J.D. Rivera
Author J.D. Rivera
Alan Kealey (Indie Author News): What is your (writing) background?
J.D. Rivera.: I have been writing and making up stories since I was a kid. It wasn't until recently that I decided to let others read my work.

Who are your favorite writers, your favorite books, and who or what are your writing influences?
I have so many favorite authors but to name a few would be, Rebecca Donovan, Sylvain Reynard, and Colleen Hoover.
Again I have way too many favorite books. I can say the book that I always go back to re-read is Gabriel's Inferno.

When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer?
A few years ago I knew but kept it to myself. It wasn't until about a year ago that I actually told someone.

Tell us about your writing process. Do you have a writing routine?
I don't have a routine at all. I get an idea in my head and then I just write every free minute I can. Which most of the time means I'm up at 2am writing.

"The hardest part for me is adding all the details."

What do you find easiest about writing? What the hardest?

The easiest for me is coming up with the basic story. I'm always thinking of new storylines. The hardest part for me is adding all the details.

J.D., please tell us a little about your Book 'Guarded’.
'Guarded' is about a girl who is going through some issues in her life. She has a bad marriage and is in the middle of a divorce. While out on a run one day, she runs into a famous basketball player (unknown to her) and a friendship ensues. Everything thing goes on from there...the book has love, hate, romance all rolled into one.

Guarded (J.D. Rivera)
Click to Read an Excerept

What inspired you to write the book?
The book came to me while I was watching the NBA finals last spring. One minute I was watching the game and the next I was writing down the storyline.

Who do you see as your target audience and where can we buy the book?
Anyone that loves a little romance. :) It's available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo

How long did it take it to write the book?
It took me about a month to write the book and about another month to edit it.

Please, tell us where you self-published the book.
The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

How smooth went the self-publishing process? Any issues?
I think everything went pretty smoothly.

"Make sure you have a good cover designer and a good book formatter."

What are things to look for when self-publishing a book?
Make sure you have a good cover designer and a good book formatter.

Did you hire an editor and/or Cover Designer for your book?
I hired both. I had a wonderful editor (Tara Entwistle-Clark) and an amazing cover designer (E.M. Tippetts Book Designs) that also formatted the book for me.

"Write, write, write!"

Can you give some tips for other Indie Authors regarding the writing and self-publishing process?
Write, write, write! Don't give up and have fun! Also, don't rush your work to keep up with others. Write at your own pace and you'll be much happier with your work.

Are you working on another book project? Can you tell us a little about it?
Guarded was a novella and I am currently continuing the story. I plan for the next book to be a full novel.

Are you planning to move forward as an Indie author or are you looking forward to have one of your next books to be traditionally published?
I plan on moving forward as Indie author but I have no idea what the future may hold. Never say never.

Where do you see the book market in 5 or 10 years? Will there be only eBooks and will book stores disappear like record stores disappeared?
I have no clue. I hope book stores still exist though.

Do you write full-time or do you have a day job?
I am a stay-at-home mom to two young boys. So yes, I have a full time job. I write during naps, while waiting in the pick-up line at school, or at night while everyone else is sleeping.

How can readers connect with you?
I love to hear from readers. They can reach me via
Facebook: facebook.com/writerjdrivera
Twitter: @writerjdrivera
or my Blog: writerjdrivera.blogspot.com

Thank you very much for the Interview, J.D.

About the Book Guarded

Guarded (J.D. Rivera)
Vanessa Smith has her heart guarded. She’s been married to a man that sleeps around and has made her think she’s ugly and undeserving. Everything changes when she is knocked down by the famous basketball player, Jackson Berrios. A friendship ensues and everything she thought she knew about men turns out to be wrong.

Jackson Berrios was out for a run in a new city when he made contact with the beautiful Vanessa Smith. He instantly knew she was different from most girls but can he make her see that he’s different from her cheating husband?

Link to the Book

Link to the eBook Guarded with Excerpt on Amazon

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