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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Casual Encounters (Patrick Sweeney)

New Indie Book Release:
Casual Encounters - Patrick Sweeney
Adult Romance (214 Pages - August 2013)

Casual Encounters, set in a romantic corner of Italy, where a married couple finds a new beginning and discover a whole new path to sexual gratification.

About the Book

Casual Encounters (Patrick Sweeney)
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Everything seems perfect in the lives of Sharon and Andy Taylor, a successful, good-looking, happily married couple living the dream in Manhattan. Perfect, that is, with one exception.

They haven’t discussed it, but it is privately consuming both of them. What has happened to their once steamy sex life, the hours of passionate lovemaking, intimate exploration, and dirty talk?

Discussing it would probably be a good idea, but that alone isn’t going to solve the problem. What they do about it, however, will and could also wind up changing them, as individuals, and as a couple, forever.

With their tenth anniversary approaching, Andy is tasked with making the arrangements for a romantic European getaway. They will stay for ten days at the charming Hotel Bacio Del Mare in Positano, Italy along the Mediterranean Sea.

Nestled into this cozy hideaway, the Taylors seductively drift through a maze of sensual encounters that slowly open them up to a whole new, exciting and mutually agreeable lifestyle. As a result, they find their love for each other growing even stronger and their once sweltering sex life returning with a vengeance.

Through the twists and turns of this adventure, Andy and Sharon make new friends and business associates, while exploring this fascinating corner of the world with all that it has to offer.

As they find themselves opening up to this fresh beginning and feverishly feeding their ravenous hunger, why not put it all on the table for re-evaluation? Have their lives been transformed forever? What new and exciting adventures could be waiting for them around the next corner? Can they ever go home again, really go home?

The answer to these questions and many more will come in the form of a dream come true, a fantasy realized, and of course, a new beginning.

About the Author

Patrick Sweeney, a product of Ireland’s Banished Baby Generation, made his grand entrance into this world as his mother, Mary, labored on the deck of the Cunard White-Star Liner entering the New York Harbor in 1954. He would never see or hear from her after that day, which may be why his intense curiosity of all things in this life started at that instant, and has never waned.

Patrick, although not a participant himself, first became intrigued with the swingers’ culture when a tall, dark, handsome Italian gentleman, mistaking her for a single woman, approached Mrs. Sweeney (Sandra) in a darkened bar just off of Bourbon Street. Pausing momentarily on his way back from the restroom, Patrick observed the flirtatious encounter, which lingered until his wife nervously dismissed her admirer, but not before giving him a peck on the lips. Not saying a word, Patrick observed the sexy gleam that had come over Sandra, and later that evening he was the happy recipient of her built-up passion.

Patrick, stunned by his lack of jealousy, and encouraged by the new spark in his spouse’s eyes, set out to understand the psychology of this phenomenon. His research would peak his curiosity, and cause him to delve into a way of life that he had never known existed.

Conducting hundreds of interviews, Patrick was astonished by the number of happily married couples who participate at one level or another in this alternate lifestyle. He observed that it was bringing them a level of personal and sexual satisfaction seldom seen in what would be called a “conventional marriage”. Had these couples discovered the secret to a successful union? While their sex-starved counterparts are off cheating on their spouses and clogging the divorce court dockets, this subculture is having steamy fun under the sheets as their marriages enjoy the benefits of an open and honest togetherness.

Patrick Sweeney decided to share the results of his findings with the world by writing the novel Casual Encounters. He set the story in his favorite destination, Positano, Italy, a place where he has been many times, and the place he often goes to when he closes his eyes.

Patrick spends his time these days writing novels, song lyrics, and essays in Manhattan, the mountains of North Carolina, and his newest abode, Key West, Florida. He recently answered a friend’s question by divulging that he writes because he loves telling himself stories, which he hopes others will also enjoy.