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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Soul Saviour (Ross A. Lloyd)

New Indie Book Release:
Soul Saviour - Ross A. Lloyd -
Action Thriller / Horror / Romance (November 28, 2012 - 154 pages)

“This is a book that is multi-layered, blending fact with fiction and dark humour with romanticism and rampant idealism crossing many boundaries in its travels. “Soul Saviour” openly challenges social mores and many of the conventions that most people blindly accept without question. "

About the Book

Soul Saviour (Ross A. Lloyd)
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She was the hottest property on the planet and everyone wanted a piece of her, but some wanted a lot more than just a piece of LANA RICHARDS.

On the surface she was just the latest hot American pop star flaunting her beauty and talent to make it in the fickle entertainment industry and this made her a prime target for those who mix terror with religion. But to others who knew much more about her, including just how pure of heart she really was, Lana Richards represented the perfect final element necessary for bringing about an apocalyptic destiny for us all.

While on a concert tour of the “Land Down Under” Lana’s survival and her very soul would come to depend upon one unique individual. Someone who, perhaps by chance, or perhaps by ultimate design she would encounter and who would intervene to stand up for her, to defend her and to fall for her, while defying all odds and Lana’s own seemingly predetermined dark fate.

Would the efforts of a loner, a single pawn in the eternal struggle between good and evil be enough to spare Lana from an unspeakable doom and thereby the world from everlasting darkness?

About the Author

Author Ross A. Lloyd
Author Ross A. Lloyd
Formerly a career Commonwealth of Australia Public Servant Ross Lloyd’s written works have previously spanned everything from Government Cabinet submissions and legislative drafting instructions to Ministerial speeches and Prime Ministerial correspondence. He has had articles on Australian military history, namely "Savige Saviour" and "Echoes of Thermopylae" published in WARTIME Magazine, the official magazine of the Australian War Memorial. "Soul Saviour" is his debut novel, soon to be followed by the sequel – “Get Emily.”

Born in Sydney 1957, Ross started school in Sydney before moving to Canberra with his family aged seven. He became an Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Junior Judo Champion before switching to Olympic Weightlifting. He won eleven ACT Senior Weightlifting Championships and was 94 kilogram class Australian Masters Champion in 2002 and 2012 and also Oceania Masters Champion in 2012.

Connect with Ross A. Lloyd via Twitter @F22Ross.