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Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Ask my Ashes (Gabriela Azevedo)

New Indie Book Release:
Ask my Ashes - Gabriela Azevedo -
Historical Romance (January 19, 2013 - 121 pages)

“It is intriguing that in all these years, many had the curiosity, but no motivation to uncover such an important and revealing secret that was hidden in just two pages of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Not even Oscar Wilde wrote about this passage in some other work.
Ask My Ashes was developed in an epic manner, very rich in details, in a soft and a strong writing way at the same time, besides, It's a novel that rescues some of the most celebrated and memorable characters of all time."

About the Book

Ask my Ashes (Gabriela Azevedo)
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Ask My Ashes' protagonist is Alan Campbell, secondary character of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'. Told by Campbell himself, the novel brings out the short period of intense friendship between him and Dorian Gray, and the reasons why Wilde's main character blackmails Alan after committing a crime, persuading him to hide the evidence. Oscar Wilde never explained in his novel nor in any other of his works, the reasons for the relationship rupture and the secret that made him surrender to Dorian's blackmailing.

When the brilliant young scientist Alan Campbell met Dorian Gray at a concert, he was seized by extreme admiration. Linked by music, something that they both much appreciated, Campbell and Gray became great friends and for 18 months were inseparable. After this period, the two suddenly broke up and were no longer seen together at social events.
Over the 18 months, the two men shared an intense routine. Key events of Alan's childhood ended up influencing his actions and his confused mind with intensity.

After an innocent field trip, Dorian promises Alan to introduce him to a family that he befriended in London. After returning to the city, Dorian fulfills its promise, and Alan is introduced to the Brites, whose patriarch is Robert Brites, a physician and rigid moralist, and the new director of a hospital complex in which Alan dreams to work on. Gray then launches a bet and ensure to Alan that if he wins, the job would be his. He promisses also to fullfil some of Alan's old desires for him.
The bet involves the doctor's eldest daughter, Caroline in a game of conquest and interests. What wasn't in Alan's plans was to become really attracted to the girl, something that he discovers too late.
When Gray decides to reveal the bet that Caroline was involved destroying Alan's trust on him, the scientist cuts off relations with Dorian.

Five years after the breakup, Alan receives an urgent call from Dorian, claiming to be'' life or death'' the reason for the contact, and The picture of Dorian Gray's 14th chapter is told in a totally new and different point of view.

About the Author

Author Gabriela Azevedo
Author Gabriela Azevedo

Debut author Gabriela Azevedo was born in São Paulo (Brazil) in a family of writers. Her grandfather, father, uncle and cousin has released books in the traditional publishing market.

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