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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Featured Indie Book: The Golden Horn (M.A. Donovan)

The Golden Horn (M.A. Donovan)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Epic Fantasy The Golden Horn by M. A. Donovan.

"It takes an ordinary guy to overcome great odds and come to terms with his evil lineage in order to be the hero his kingdom needs. This book has been written and rewritten countless times for the past twenty years. It's hard these days to pick up a good epic fantasy quest where you fall in love with the characters and get involved with the story."

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and CreateSpace and is available as eBook and Paperback – 394 pages - released in December 2012.

About the Book

Galen Hawkeye never wanted to be labeled a hero, but with his father's undead army casting a shadow over the kingdom, the land needed a legend.

From a very young age, he had been groomed as a warrior, so it only seemed right when he strapped on the sword, enlisted his mage friend, and ventured forth to save his people. But he never planned on demonic trackers hunting him nor the love he found with a mysterious girl who happened to be on the same quest as him.

Would he be able to stop the darkness descending before it swallowed him whole?

Epic Fantasy 'The Golden Horn'
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About the Author

Featured on Indie Author News: Author M.A. Donovan
Author M.A. Donovan
M.A. Donovan is the author of several published short stories and an article on karate. She has self-published three non-fiction books, a short story collection, and two novels.

The Golden Horn is her first fantasy novel of which she has been working on for years, since twelfth grade, and has recently had professionally edited.

Donovan lives in Michigan, where she is currently working on her next novel, with her dog, Sheba. She also writes horror and thrillers under the name Shelby Patrick.

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The Golden Horn (M.A. Donovan)