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Saturday, February 09, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Conjure (Clarice Blackman)

New Indie Book Release:
Conjure - The Book of Tempie - Clarice Blackman -
Erotic Romance / Fantasy (January 2013 - 166 pages)

“This is an erotic romance set in the Civil War years. It follows the life of African American Conjured beings born with mystical powers as they try to blend in and live an ordinary life among their fellow slaves."

About the Book

Conjure (Clarice Blackman)
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Life on a southern plantation was never easy, especially for the average slave. Born with sacred powers and ancient wisdom Aunt Tempie is far from average. She is highly respected for her ability to heal.

Whispered rumors of what she might be capable of cause a few to fear her. When the Civil War breaks out Aunt Tempie is able to keep complete control of her tranquil life on Compton Plantation.

Neither her sacred powers nor her ancient wisdom were enough to protect her from heartbreak when Garret walked out of her life many years ago.

When she learns Garret will return to her life Aunt Tempie must face the pain she buried long ago.

About the Author

Clarice Blackman lives in Central Florida. After raising her children, she found the time to pursue her love of writing. When she isn't locked away in her office, she spends her time playing with her Bishon Frise Muffy, crocheting cat beds and enjoying the Florida sunshine.

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