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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

New Release: Random Rationality (Fourat Janabi)

New Indie Book Release: 
Random Rationality - Fourat Janabi - nonfiction, philosophy, opinion, and scientific (July 31, 2012)
- A Rational Guide to an Irrational World -

About the Book

Random Rationality - Read an Excerpt
If you want to know how the world works, from a big picture viewpoint, without getting stuck in the minutia, this is the book for you. Covering Philosophy, Science, Politics, Economics, and Technology. Find out what makes the world spin, and how we can make it spin better.

Some of the Topics:
- What is the Meaning of Life?
- A simple explanation of God
- The Boredom of Heaven
- Nothing
- Creation of the Universe
- Why we need space
- Exploring our fear of fission
- Free Will's Freedom
- Responsibility
- Relevance of politics
- Fixing politics
- Inhumanity of the War on Drugs
- The Fantasy of Infinite Growth
- Debt crisis and crony capitalism, explained
- Europes' achilles heel
- Cars and planes
- The future of food, technology and work

The author tackles 4 questions/issues per chapter, and provides (in his opinion) the most rational, simple and correct answer, wrapping them all together in the conclusion to show that the world we live in today is a shadow of what it could be, and how we are at fault.

About the Author

Fourat Janabi on Indie Author News
Fourat Janabi has been on a mental odyssey for five years now. Casting as wide a net as possible by reading and learning about everything he can. He began with religion and science, which eventually morphed into technology (and a gadget obsession), and culminated in the last year in politics and economics. He read from sources far and wide to try and encapsulate all possible viewpoints, and through this process, arrived at his own conclusion.

Fourat Janabi's writing style is very blunt, and to the point. He's been told in the last company he worked for, that when he write emails, even though he was not using caps lock, that it seems that he screams through them. He tries to cram as much knowledge, into as small an email/blog post/book as possible for efficiency. We are all exceedingly busy these days. He could write six paragraphs being nice, or one paragraph being blunt. He prefers to write one paragraph. That's why his book, Random Rationality, is "only" 180 pages long despite talking about the meaning of life, God, the Drug War, Nothing, the relevance of politics and how to fix it, Economics, Science, technology, and various other subjects.

The culmination of all this randomness, is Random Rationality: A Rational Guide to an Irrational World.

Connect with Fourat Janabi on Twitter: @fouratj