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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Featured Indie Book: Hell (John Lindensmith)

Hell - John Lindensmith
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Literary Fiction Hell by John Lindensmith.

Hell is an adult book for teenagers. That book their parents don’t want them to read. Parents may be put off by the content, but teenagers exist in a toxic culture where what is depicted between the pages of Hell is just an everyday reality.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon KDP Select and CreateSpace and is available as eBook and Paperback - released in July 2011 / 357 pages.

This Book is only for mature Readers.

About the Book

Hell High: a small Midwestern high school.

Here, teenagers lose their innocence in a cesspool of recreational and psychiatric drugs, meaningless sex, pseudo-macho ideals, and incessant verbal, psychical, and sexual abuse.

After a cruel prank causes a girl to commit suicide, the school must face their inner darkness. At the junior prom, none of them may survive when a gun-wielding maniac opens fire on the festivities.

Hell (John Lindensmith)
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This Book is only for mature Readers.

In a culture rampant with teenage suicide due to bullying, the author thinks it’s really important that there be a book that does not shy away from the true horrors of the abusive behavior taking place in our high schools. These problems shouldn’t be sugar coated. They should be depicted in their gritty, raunchy, gory reality.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] All the foulness that can happen populates the pages of Lindensmith's Hell, a hideous compression of small town evil, and Lindensmith's writing deals in no half measures. But how much does the novel reflect real life, and how realistically describe the hell that would exist if our worst desires were always made true?
Exaggerated? Unlikely? So you or I might say. But the realities of such massacres as Columbine High School say otherwise, with a far louder and far clearer voice.
As an avid reader and writer, I've followed the progress of this emerging writer since his publication of Mystery Man and was eager to read and review this new novel, which I now have. And I tell you in all seriousness, I now need to go find a peaceful, dark place, and lie down for a while."
- Graham Worthington (Author of Wake of the Raven and Zorn)

- "Raw, real, shocking. Three things that more books need. Very reminiscent of Jim Carroll's The Basketball Diaries - if only a mainstream publisher today would be brave enough to mass publish this. Thanks for bringing to the front what is at the back in the deepest pits of the mind (of some people!)." - K. Vadasffy (Author of Full of Sin)

- "[...] Lindensmith takes the absolute worst of humans, turns it into a train wreck... and yet, I Couldn't. Stop. Reading.[...]" - Evonne Jansen

About the Author

John Lindensmith on Indie Author News
John Lindensmith is a writer from Fargo, North Dakota. Born in Kagoshima, Japan, where his parents served as missionaries. He is the Author of Mystery Man, Hell, and Revenge of the Fast Food Mascots.

He has been making up stories since he could form thoughts and has been writing them since he was nine. During his senior year of high school, he self-published and promoted his first novel: a psychological thriller titled Mystery Man. The novel centered on Alex Dien, a brain surgeon who is shot in the head, slips into a coma, and awakens a blood-thirsty monster.

He promoted the novel through MySpace, a local news channel and newspaper, a book signing at Barnes & Nobles, and his blog that attempted to provide commentary on the culture, chronicle my ever-deepening descent into depression, and fulfill his insatiable hunger for attention and validation. At the time, it was one of Xanga’s featured blogs, and he updated it almost every day, obtaining about a thousand subscribers and receiving about 15,000 hits a week.

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