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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Release: Crystal Promise (James Funfer)

New Release: 
Crystal Promise (The Shattered Crystal) - James Funfer - Urban Fantasy (July 25, 2012)
- A blend of urban fantasy, romance, and a setting inspired by 20th-century European history -

About the Book

Urban Fantasy: Crystal Promise - Click to Read an Excerpt
Crystal Promise is an urban fantasy story set in a nation that is reminiscent of Mediterranean Europe in the 1930s.

The primary story revolves around four teenagers who are put into arranged marriages by the 'Great Crystal', which is the centerpiece of their nation's religion and a supposed liaison to the gods. As opposed to electricity and gasoline, most new technologies use crystals that are mined out of the ground, and some - called 'crystal-speakers' - can alter a crystal's function at will.

Social upheaval begins to affect the nation, and the characters, who come from different social strata, are swept up in its flow and the pull of their own passions.

Betrayals and secrets threaten to sunder not only the betrothals, but the very fabric of the nation.

About the Author

James Funfer on Indie Author News
James Funfer was born and raised near Calgary, Alberta, and is proud to call Vancouver Island his home. He wrote his first novella-length story at age twelve and hasn't stopped writing since. He writes short fiction in many genres and novel-length works in science fiction and fantasy. When he isn't haunting coffee shops, he can often be found trail running or plotting role-playing campaigns.

James Funfer likes to write fiction that is character-driven and that explores social issues. Crystal Promise represents a blend of these, with a fantasy twist. He prefers fiction that is inspired by history, where characters are flawed and driven rather than passively heroic. Most of his fiction work runs along an 'urban fantasy' kind of style, but he also writes works in science fiction.

Crystal Promise is James Funfer's debut novel. He is currently working on a sequel, Crystal Empire, as well as a science-fiction story, Chasing Lucifer, which will be available soon on Kindle.