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Monday, July 30, 2012

Featured Indie Book: Darlin' Druid (Lyn Horner)

Darlin' Druid - Lyn Horner
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Western Historical Romance (with a paranormal element) Darlin' Druid (Texas Druids) by Lyn Horner.

Darlin' Druid is the unique combination of western romance with a trio of psychically gifted siblings who are descended from ancient Irish Druids. This combination has probably never tried before.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon KDP Select and CreateSpace and is available as eBook and Paperback - released in late 2010 / 320 pages.

Darlin' Druid was 2nd place winner in 2011 Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewers Choice Awards

About the Book

Jessie Devlin possesses second sight, a prophetic gift inherited from the “Old Ones” - her Irish Druid ancestors. A survivor of the Great Chicago Fire, she endures nightmares in which a stranger with gentle, loving eyes saves her from a horrible death. Believing him real and they are destined to love, she heads west with her prospector brother, on a quest to find her dream hero, despite knowing a demonic villain may also lurk beyond the horizon.

Captain David Taylor is a Texan banished by his father after fighting for the “wrong side” in the Civil War. Now serving on the western frontier, he longs for home and a family, but he’s haunted by memories of his unfaithful mother and has yet to meet a woman he would trust to stand by him.

A lovely, sharp-tongued colleen with a firecracker temper is not what he’s looking for, but when he meets Jessie Devlin and she stares at him as if seeing a ghost, his views of life and love are challenged.

While saving Jessie from her misadventures, David must face his own demons and come to terms with the past. The passionate struggle between the two leads them across half a continent, through danger and emotional upheaval, culminating in a ferocious battle between good and evil on the Texas plains.

Darlin' Druid - Lyn Horner
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "This book rocks--in a "Go West Young Woman" sort of way. A nice blend of historical references and vivid scenery descriptions, plus romance between the two hotties, Jessie and David. Lyn Horner's writing style captures the essence of Early Americana and shows her deep talent for creating a well-written historical tale." - Marya Berger

- "[...] Lyn Horner is a master story teller who brings her characters to life and her passionate dreams make you want to hit the sack to have a few of your own.
The passion between Jessie and David is felt throughout the book and you want to know more about these two who can't seem to keep their hands and their lips off each other. [...] I give this book five stars. Great job, Ms. Horner!"
- Judith Ann McDowell

- "[...] The characters, love triangle and compelling plot line compete with the best in this genre. This is a full force romance novel with some unique twists that readers are sure to enjoy. I encourage readers to give it a try. You won't be disappointed!" - Todd A. Fonseca

- "This well-written story has all the content a reader looks for: strong plot, exciting action, dramatic dialogue, descriptive settings, and most of all, characters who come alive with their thoughts and emotions. [...] Darlin' Druid being a story of the wild west with a touch of paranormal intrigue. A book I thoroughly enjoyed reading and recommend to everyone!" - Cheri Kay Clifton

About the Author

Lyn Horner on Indie Author News
Lyn Horner always enjoyed writing, although she trained as a visual artist and worked as a fashion illustrator and art instructor for a number of years. During that time she discovered historical romances and became an avid reader of the genre. It wasn’t until after quitting work to raise her children that she decided to try her hand at writing an own book. This “hobby” soon developed into a love of historical research and story building based on that research.

Lyn Horner now writes fulltime – her second career. She enjoys letting her imagination roam across time and space, and living a life of adventure with her characters.

It took her years to complete the first manuscript, and caused many anxious moments when she began submitting proposals to New York publishers. She obtained an agent (two different ones actually) and came close to making a sale a time or two. She was a semi-finalist in the prestigious Orange Rose contest in 2008 and drew interest from an editor. Again, it was a case of "close but no cigar."

After that she quit writing for a while. Then, in 2010, an author friend convinced Lyn to try self-publishing. So, she self-published Darlin’ Druid and have since published three more books.

Lyn Horner is currently writing the third Texas Druids book. It’s Rose Devlin’s story. She is the youngest of the three psychic siblings and has led a sheltered life until recently. Danger, excitement and romance await her in Texas and the Indian Territory.

Lyn Horner is a member of Romance Writers of America, Yellow Rose RWA, Celtic Hearts Romance Writers and Hearts Through History Romance Writers.

Links to the Author and the Book

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