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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Featured Indie Book: Keeping the Peace (Hannah Hooton)

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Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Contemporary Romance Keeping the Peace by Hannah Hooton.

Keeping the Peace is unique. It is categorically a racing romance but is so much more than that label gives it credit for. The romance element is mature and believable and thanks to its cast of larger than life characters, readers can still finish it with the deep satisfaction of having lived a big-hearted love story.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon KDP Select and is available as eBook - released in April 2012 / 418 pages.

About the Book

Pippa Taylor has inherited a racehorse from her eccentric uncle and when she discovers evidence that he had plans to run Peace Offering in the Grand National, she gives up her waitressing job in London and persuades the moody but successful trainer, Jack Carmichael to employ her as his secretary so that she can afford to keep Peace Offering.

Pippa is way out of her depth, in an industry she knows nothing about, doing a job she’s never done before. But what she does have is guts, belief and motivation.

Jack is moody, fiery-tempered and heroically English and old-fashioned in his morals. With a host of secondary characters to make sure the ride is far from smooth, Pippa and Jack must question their morals when tragedy and deception bring them closer together.

Can Pippa keep her job long enough to see Peace Offering run in the Grand National?

And can Jack resist his secretary’s infectious optimism or will his professional morals keep them apart?

Keeping the Peace - Hannah Hooton
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Whether you like horses or not, if you enjoy reading contemporary romance fiction, you'll enjoy reading this! A heart-warming story, likable characters, a great setting, a well-paced plot and the author's feel for humorous dialogues are the main assets of this highly worth-while read! I'm much looking forward to reading more by Hannah Hooton in the future!" - Sophie Mayer

- "This book keeps you on the edge of your seat! It brings forth a side of racing that some of us don't ever really get to know. The characters are superbly written and it was a joy to read!!! This is a must-buy for those who love racing, horses, and, of course, romance!" - CrazyCowgirl101 (Amazon)

- "[...] The story was extremely well crafted; Hannah put a lot of time and effort into the entire story, and I am definitely happy that she has published it.
I recommend it to everyone; [...] Give her story a read, everyone, because it is a well written one that is most definitely worth your time."
- hplover(Amazon)

- "I loved this book and found it hard to put down. A well thought out story with lovely characters. I especially loved the race scenes. I imagine it is hard to capture the excitement and continuity of a horse race in words but Hannah Hooton did this amazingly well." - NoseInABook(Amazon)

About the Author

Hannah Hooton on Indie Author News
Hannah Hooton w/Darwin Cup
Hannah Hooton writes to entertain people and, to a certain degree, to educate readers on a subject whose backstage is very difficult to penetrate unless you’re heavily involved in it. That subject is, of course, horse racing. Horses have always been a passion of her, especially racing, and she's been lucky enough to have worked within various parts of the sport over the years.

It was sometimes given a hard time so it was her intention as a writer to tell the truth about racing, and that meant acknowledging the bad eggs, as you will get in any walk of life, as well as the good ones. The fact that Hannah Hooton's books are romances is not something she purposefully set out to achieve. The love seems to come along naturally!

Hannah has always written and she can remember tapping away at her sister’s manual typewriter and she couldn’t have been more than eight at the time. She would write pony adventures, completely immersing herself in the magic of the fictional world. She finished her first novel, another pony adventure, when she was fourteen and went on to complete another two in her teens.

Hannah Hooton is currently writing her third book, Giving Chase, which is the sequel to Keeping the Peace. She's really excited about it and can’t wait for its release in December, 2012.

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