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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Release: Road Trip (Jean Sorbet Scott)

New Release: 
Road Trip - Jean Sorbet Scott - Humorous Essays (294 pages, 2012)
Anecdotes and Essays of a Life Well Traveled

About the Book

Road Trip - Read an Excerpt

Road Trip is a heartwarming and funny look at the life of Jean Sorbet Scott. Legally blind, Jean has developed a unique perspective of the trials and events of her life and through her journey, which is presented in a compilation of essays and anecdotes, she demonstrates that even in sadness there can be humor.

From laugh out loud moments to poignant situations, this book has it all.

This Book is about the life and times of a legally blind woman. Mother of five, grandmother of 10. Her house was hit by a tornado, she has gone through a windshield at 45 miles an hour, graduated from college at 37 and remarried at 40.

She tries to focus on the love, the humor and the glory that surrounds us all. For the most part it works...

About the Author

Jean Sorbet Scott on Indie Author News
Jean Sorbet Scott has led a rather exciting life; It has been sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes down right traumatic.

She has always written about it. These aren't journal entries, these are excercises in finding the funny, the ironic, the heart warming moments in our lives and expanding them.

Jean Sorbet Scott lives with her husband and best friend, John, just west of Atlanta, Georgia. Their road stretches forever ahead, begging to be traveled.

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