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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

20 Best Writing Tips for Authors to Stay Committed and Motivated

These are the best writing tips to stay committed and motivated. Tell us about your writing tips which keeps you inspired.

1. Just do it. Write.

2. Take a notebook or journal with you to jot down notes and ideas at any time.

3. Stop distractions. Switch off the TV, log out of the Internet, don't answer your phone while writing.

4. Have a dictionary and a Thesaurus handy at your writing place.

5. Write every single day.

6. Create a Writing Place in your house only for writing.

7. Don't start editing your work until your first draft is complete.

8. Write what you know. This makes sure that you are the Authority of your writing.

9. Don't talk about your work until you have your first draft completed.

10. Put one word after another. Find the right word, put it down.

11. Avoid prologues.

12. Never start a book with the weather.

13. Don't think about Marketing your book or sales until your book is finished.

14. Use writing exercises to improve your skills and increase your talent.

15. Explore different genres, techniques, and styles.

16. Commit to your writing. Schedule your daily writing and make it part of your daily routine.

17. Make deadlines for yourself. 1000 words a day or one chapter a week etc.

18.There is no such thing as Writer's Block. There are only excuses for not writing. Don't claim "Writer's Block" and go back to work.

19. Read, read, read. Read good books, read bad books, read books in your usual genre and outside your genre. You learn something from every text you read. You expand your vocabulary, observe the usage of verbs, find out about techniques and style of other authors.

20. Don't stop. Write more. Have fun!

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