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Saturday, January 14, 2012

10 FREE Online Resources to Improve Your Grammar Skills

Using correct grammar is an essential component of good writing. English seems to be an easy language and  the grammar rules are not more complicated than in other languages. The numerous exceptions to the rules of English Grammar makes it difficult to master.

The writer needs to avoid the common errors of grammar which can give the written words a different meaning. Without the correct grammar the reader may not follow the purpose of the writing or starts to interpret the writing in a different way than the author intended. Grammar errors in writing and speech can lead easily to miscommunication.

You will find below 10 free online resources to research all grammar questions you have. If you know other good websites for grammar - let us know in the comments.

10 FREE Online Resources to Improve Your Grammar Skills

1. Wikipedia - English Grammar

General introduction into English Grammar and content devided in morphology (formation of words) and syntax (construction of phrases, clauses and sentences)

2. 26 Better Writing Tips

Useful writing tips like 'all about dashes', 'all about apostrophes', 'an historic' or 'a historic', etc

3. Grammar Girl

Popular site with daily 'Quick and Dirty Tip for Better Writing' by host Mignon Fogarty. Podcast to listen to or downloadable at iTunes.

4. Grammar-Monster

Active site with daily grammar tips. Grammar Lessons and Tests with lots of examples.

5. Common Grammatical Errors

Site for UMSL students. Avoid common mistakes in writing with examples.

6. How to Use Punctuation Correctly

All about Colon, Semicolon, Dash, Quotation Marks, comma etc. A website from wikihow.

7. Grammarly Handbook

Find tons of rules and examples to Grammar, Punctuation, Mechanics, and Writing Tips for Better Writing. Grammarly has also a free Grammar Checker which gives you an instant report of grammar mistakes.

8. Dr. Grammar's FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions like 'may or might', 'a lot or alot', 'affect or effect', 'farther or further' are answered by Dr. Grammar (University of Northern Iowa)

9. Guide to Grammar and Writing

Find answers in 427 references to Grammar and Writing. Definitions, Examples and Quizzes will answer all your grammar questions.

10. Hyper-Grammar - Free Online Course

Free Online Course from the University of Ottawa with lots of examples and common errors. Provides also tips for building sentences like sentence structure and sentence purpose.

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