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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Featured Indie Book: The Rings of Hesaurun (Peter Harrett)

The Rings of Hesaurun (Peter Harrett)Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Fantasy / Science-Fiction Novel The Rings of Hesaurun by Peter Harrett.

The Rings of Hesaurun sets exceptionally high bar with a fresh approach to fantasy/sci-fi many readers expect to alter the trajectory of the genre. The author takes the reader on a wild ride through the past present and future with exceptional storytelling and remarkable character development.     

The Book has been published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 500 pages - released in April 2021.

About the Book

Hesaurun’s once rich biosphere was stolen by a ruthless enemy, ripped away leaving only deep gouges and devastation as evidence that there had once been something more. Now it and its previously inhabited moons lay barren, devoid of the raw materials that fuel life. Still, the devastated planet holds a mysterious secret, The Five Rings of Hesaurun, the Preservers, ancient sentient mechanoids. Other worlds will suffer a similar fate unless the Preservers act, but they need a worthy organic vassal, a ring bearer. They find what they seek in an unexpected place—Earth.

Follow the starship Dreamer, her commander Valerie Dunne, and crew as they navigate the past, present, and distant futures. Earth’s fate now rests on this strange woman’s ability to harness five Hesaurun rings — rings with the power to destroy, heal, manipulate time, and somehow help her find a way to alter her own destiny.

The Rings of Hesaurun is a fast-paced but easy-to-follow adventure with a myriad of characters, settings, and surprises. Peter Harrett has crafted a thrilling page-turner with character development akin to the brilliance of King or Koontz.

The Rings of Hesaurun (Peter Harrett)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "An intricate, lighthearted, and imaginative journey of time loops featuring travelers and a marvelous legacy from the past and the future. Truly a mind-bender, author Peter Harrett creates a rich work that embodies genuine characters of depth and intrigue. Composed in a clear narrative voice, announced chapter pattern, and augmented by a detailed and descriptive writing style, this title is an absolute delight to read!.[...]" - Northcoaster (Amazon)

- "[...] Again, strong storyline, good characters, interesting interactions that are well written. Just a good book overall! I’d recommend this, even if you aren’t huge on sci-fi, it’s a pretty cool way to get out of your normal reading routine, a nice nightstand book."  - Blendorama (Amazon)

- "This is a top-notch, fast-paced suspense/sci-fi/time travel adventure with a myriad of characters and different settings. It seems Valerie Dunne, whom we first meet as a waif when she witnesses the brutal murder of her parents just outside her home, holds the key to the secret of the Hesaurun rings. The rings have enormous power and, not surprisingly, are sought after by not only those with good intentions, but also the nefarious who would use them for evil. [...]" - Michael Smith

About the Author

Author Peter Harrett
Author Peter Harrett
Born and raised in Oregon, Peter Harrett has spent most of his adult life in Western Washington, where he lives with his family. 

Peter credits his interest in language and writing to his grandfather, Peter James Bennett, a prolific poet who was both a mentor and a role model, and continues to shape Peter's life and character to this day. 

The Rings of Hesaurun is Peter's debut novel. 

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The Rings of Hesaurun (Peter Harrett)

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