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Friday, April 02, 2021

New Indie Book Release: The Zaragoza Chronicles - Beginnings (A.J. Ayeni)

New Indie Book Release: 
The Zaragoza Chronicles: Beginnings  - A.J. Ayeni
Dark Academia (452 Pages - February 2021)

The Zaragoza Chronicles: Beginnings  is about he richest family in the world who also controls the most powerful company. They offer a full scholarship to only two bright yet disadvantaged scholars from every country. Altruism or something else entirely? 

About the Book

The Zaragoza Chronicles - Beginnings (A.J. Ayeni)
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The year is 2040 and wealthy organizations have become the de-facto governments of the world dictating the public policy of many people’s lives.

One organization stands above the rest, the Zaragoza Consultancy Agency, born out of crises from World War II, no other company has reached their levels of success. 

Resulting in their family becoming the richest in the world, showcasing this obscene wealth each year by offering the all-inclusive Zaragoza New Beginnings Scholarship (ZNBS) to be used from college, until the end of each student’s professional career and a guaranteed job at the ZCA after their studies are completed.

The catch is, the ZNBS is only offered to two scholars from each country.

Their benevolence is not all what it seems, and the true stipulations of their generous scholarship is not the only murky thing about their family and the conglomerate they control.

For its prestige and glamour, no one who has received the ZNBS has been able to talk about it, or the mysterious orientation that is completed before it is awarded.

Until a rag-tag group of international scholars form the Zaragoza Resistance Coalition (ZRC) and attempt to unmask the shadowy company from the inside-out…

About the Author

Author A.J. Ayeni
Author A.J. Ayeni
A.J. Ayeni 
is a Nigerian-American neuroscience researcher turned novelist currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

After graduating Northeastern University with a psychology degree, he went on to earn a masters degree in neuroscience from City, University of London. After living in Singapore, he ultimately decided that his true passion was bringing all of his experiences together by writing fantastical stories ripe with social critiques. 

His debut novel and first entry into the series, The Zaragoza Chronicles: Beginnings is now available. Learn more at Ajaxwrites.com 

Connect with A.J. Ayeni via the Author's Goodreads-Page
and on Twitter: @ajax_writes

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