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Monday, April 12, 2021

New Indie Book Release: CARREFOUR (D.M. Buckley)

New Indie Book Release: 
CARREFOUR  - D.M. Buckley
Mystery (310 Pages - March 2021)

About the Book

CARREFOUR (D.M. Buckley)
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When her weenie cousin asks for her help locating his lifelong, friend who has been abducted by some heavily armed, trigger-happy, two-bit punks, Lexi O’Malley reluctantly agrees and finds herself heading, once again, into a hotbed of danger.
Adding to her rotten luck, her old childhood antagonist, Nick Romano, calls and requests her assistance issuing a Summons and Complaint to a lowlife swindler that Mark, a P.I. with Romano Investigations, had failed to deliver.

As she attempts to find her cousin’s kidnapped friend and chase down the wily con artist she almost loses her life to the knife-wielding hustler, narrowly escapes a fiery explosion and exchanges wits with a bomb-making hired gun in this zany new adventure. 

About the Author

Author D.M. Buckley
Author D.M. Buckley

D.M. Buckley 
was born and raised, and still lives in Tampa Florida with her husband.

She is currently working hard on The Fifth Wheel, the next Lexi O'Malley adventure. 

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