Monday, November 23, 2020

New Indie Book Release: The Secrets of Riverbottom Road (C. G. Haberman)

New Indie Book Release:
The Secrets of Riverbottom Road - C. G. Haberman 
Literary Mystery  (362 Pages - November 2020)

The Secrets of Riverbottom Road is a Mystery Tragedy arising from social and familial issues. It comes as close to realism, but maintains the fictional intent revolving around the main theme of familial dysfunction.

About the Book

The Secrets of Riverbottom Road (C. G. Haberman)
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For Jack Wiley, a respected writer, hell begins during a contentious meeting with his new supervisor. The hellfire continues with an emotionally charged trip to his hometown, where battering and bettering change him but does not prepare him for the fateful night that nearly destroys him.

From the moment Jack leaves his home in Loveland, Colorado, the odd feelings begin. His emotions of anger, annoyance, contempt, and sadness ebb and flow until he reaches his first stop in Kansas, where he begins to feel at home after thirty years away. The next day, as Jack descends into the river valley south of Lohfton, Nebraska, nostalgia grips him. The latent images of friends and adversaries come into focus as he leans against his vehicle parked at the highway and Riverbottom Road intersection.

In the next four days, Jack is welcomed, buffeted, denigrated, wined, dined, and humbled. Each day builds strength and love for his family, friends and unlocking the secrets of Riverbottom Road. The last night explodes with a fury that leaves him at the mercy of the reliable, decisive friends in his life.

About the Author

Author C. G. Haberman
Author C. G. Haberman
C. G. Haberman has self-published eight novels since 2012. He began his writing after retiring from the academic and environmental worlds. 

All of his books spiral from experiences in the classroom or dealing with challenging environmental issues. When asked by his daughter what he would do while caregiving for his wife suffering from dementia-Alzheimer's Disease, he started writing fiction.

All the novels take place in the Great Plains, where people work and play hard.  His latest (the ninth) book, The Secrets of Riverbotton Road, tackles social and familial issues.

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