Friday, November 20, 2020

New Indie Book Release: I Am Auton (Chris Wright)

New Indie Book Release:
I Am Auton (Survival) - Chris Wright
Science Fiction / Horror (408 Pages - November 2020)

I Am Auton is is Book 3 of the Survival Trilogy, where the multi-verse hides many secrets.

About the Book

I Am Auton (Chris Wright)
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Gina is on a routine assignment, tasked to take out a murderous warlord. All of a sudden, the world she thought she knew is pulled from underneath her feet. She had forgotten who she was, but reality hadn’t forgotten her, and a horrifying enemy is unleashed; one that sends her on a collision course with worlds that seem beyond her control. Soon, she is joined by her friends, friends she never knew she had, as the mysterious ‘Auton’ joins their final fight for survival.

The final of the 'Survival' trilogy takes the characters from the series into even deeper and darker worlds, worlds that are inhabited by creatures that would give the boogeyman nightmares. More epic in its scale than the previous two installments, this once again blurs the lines between Horror and Science-Fiction, as the fate of the characters reaches its finale.

I Am Auton once again flows at a furious pace, while still allowing time to get deep into the characters minds, as horror's that they never knew existed crawl out of dimensions that surround them. With situations that are as bizarre as they are varied, each character inhabits their own world, a world that eventually collides with the others. Book 3 is haunting and horrific in places, while at the same time being hopeful and poignant, as the characters battle to save each other.

About the Author

Author Chris Wright
Author Chris Wright
Chris Wright, born and raised in Derbyshire, UK, is the author of Science Fiction and Horror, blurring the lines between what is real and what is imagined. 

His first novel, 'Survival' is a relentless journey into a nightmare world where reality preys upon people, and nothing is ever quite what it seems. He expanded his 'Survival' universe in the second book 'Fragments', where he took the story off into unusual directions, and where the very fabric of reality begins to fall apart. 

He has just published the final part of the trilogy, where he delves even deeper into the multiverse that his story is embedded in. With a host of future novels planned, he shows no sign of stopping. 

He is also the owner of Omni UK Publishing; set up to delve into the deep and mysterious, as well as the owner of the record label Omni Music UK.

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