Thursday, November 26, 2020

New Indie Book Release: Cute For A Black Girl (Amy Watkins)

New Indie Book Release:
Cute For A Black Girl - Amy Watkins 
Contemporary Fiction  (157 Pages - October 2020)

Cute For A Black Girl is a coming of age story that follows Chloe Wilcox, a beautiful young lady with a traumatic early childhood who gets adopted by a wealthy lawyer and transfers to a primarily White school. 

About the Book

Cute For A Black Girl (Amy Watkins)
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Though her beginnings were rough, Chloe is a beautiful, smart and talented girl with a promising future. 

She was adopted by Mr. Wilcox, a wealthy lawyer who is supportive of Chloe’s dreams and she is surrounded by loving family and friends. 

So how does this bright young girl end up unconscious in the ER? 

Foul play is suspected and a group of unlikely associates are unifying in an attempt to discover the truth.

About the Author

Author Amy Watkins
Author Amy Watkins
Amy Watkins
 is a Washington, D.C. native who received an undergraduate degree from Frostburg State University and a medical degree from University of Maryland, Baltimore. 

She served in the US Navy for eight years. She currently works as a family medicine physician for the Navy. She identifies as a Nondenominational Christian and is an active member in her church in which she volunteers with the dance and flag ministries. 

She is also a strong supporter of equality for all, coexistence, and eliminating prejudice ideology. She currently resides in Virginia with five children, her lifetime partner, and an adopted dog. 

200 Letters is her debut novel and is the recipient of a 2020 Readers' Favorite Award. Cute For a Black Girl is her second novel which was released on October 21, 2020. 

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